2013 Tsunami Debris Reports

18 01 2013


Tracking Japan’s Floating Tsunami Debris as it Drifts Towards California


Fukushima Contaminating the North Pacific

(newest at the top)

2012 reports are here

Washington State on this page is referenced as “Washington” or WA, Washington D.C. is referenced as “D.C.” to avoid confusion -

Items after June, 2012 with RADIATION as a topic will have a ♦ symbol at the front of the headline –

Dec. 1 – ENE-News – Captain: Massive amount of debris off Hawaii, “You had to be there… just kept going & going… so odd it was in straight line”

Nuke Pro – Large Mass of Possibly Radioactive Flotsam Spotted in Hawaii, aka We Killed the Pacific < has PHOTO

Nov. 5 – No solid mass of debris from Japan in the Pacific

Before It’s News – Island Of Debris From 2011 Japan Tsunami The Size Of TEXAS Is Heading Straight For The West Coast Of US

Texas-sized or all diffused and gone? We’ll soon see . . . .

Sept. 14 – Death of the Pacific. Fukushima Debris soon to hit American Shores

July 24 – Tsunami vessel from Japan washes on Crescent City, Ca. Beach

LINK -  http://youtu.be/DARSLDzGEW8

July 23 – GYRE Expedition to Alaska’s Remote Coastline discovers tsunami debris

LINK -  http://youtu.be/wc6XRRWVCQc

June 28 – Millions of krill wash up on Oregon and California beaches

June 17 – From Oregon – Marine Aquatic Invasive Species with the Japanese Tsunami Debris

April 27 – Tsunami Debris  Reaches California

Mar. 16 – ♦ Concern about radioactive contamination on tsunami debris heading to U.S. and Canada

Mar. 15 -  RTT: Japan alerts U.S. and Canada on possible clogging of shorelines — CNN: Tsunami debris makes its way into Hawaii wildlife

Feb. 11 – [US] Hawaii – Request for Proposals – Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris [removal]

Feb. 2 – White Paper - Tracking the sources and sinks of local marine debris in Hawai‘i

Styrofoam from Japan tsunami causing fears for Alaska wildlife < with video

Feb. 1 -  [Canada]  Tsunami debris litters B.C. beaches < has shocking video

Jan. 21 – Modeling the transport and accumulation floating debris generated by the 11 March 2011 Tohoku tsunami

Jan. 17 – PHOTOS: Crews inspect large dock on Washington State coast

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