British Columbia: Here Comes the Radioactive Plume!

24 12 2013

Science paper: Radionuclide Transport from Fukushima to Eastern North Pacific

page 2:

picesIntclick for bigger size

From – Radioactive Chat

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5 responses

24 12 2013

Thank You for finding this! You are working hard! Merry Christmas!

24 12 2013

happy new year, too!

26 12 2013

Happy New Year to you!

I just looked at the end of this report! Are we allowed to say bad words on this blog? Actually I think the words I wanted to use are too weak anyway. I can’t believe these people (though I wouldn’t expect better since McGill U was justifying sending asbestos to reconstruct Haiti)! It’s supposed to be acceptable that we are at nuclear fallout levels? Are you subscribed to Louisiana Voice? They just did a post on Koch corruption in academia. Speak of the devil! This is why we can’t get good info on anything. I’m sure you know about this stuff because of your father and I do too, for multiple reasons, but not everyone does. Still the document appears useful. An additional use is if one suffers from low blood pressure or about to doze off, it will shoot that blood pressure back up! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that there are rumours of Duvalier III getting into public office in Haiti…rumours that will probably come to pass…since there is the same crew in Japan as did WWII and the rest….

26 12 2013

you bet you are allowed to say bad things here…. just no direct threats or illegal things!
Also, we have viewers with all view points here so if another posts a view opposite yours just take it in stride. Everyone needs a place to vent… and this is IT. :)

27 12 2013

Thanks. I think the names I had in mind for those people are too weak, anyway.

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