Proof US was Behind the Genocide in Rwanda

16 04 2014

Twenty Years Ago, The US was Behind the Genocide: Rwanda, Installing a US Proxy State in Central Africa

By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky
Global Research

The ultimate objective was to displace France from Central Africa. It is worth noting that that a similar situation is unfolding in the Central African republic which historically has been an area of French influence. Ethnic divisions between Christians and Muslims are being fomented the ultimate objective is to establish a US proxy states in the Central African republic.”

“. . . A similar process of financing military expenditure from the external debt had occurred in Rwanda under the Habyarimana government. In a cruel irony, both sides in the civil war were financed by the same donors institutions with the World Bank acting as a Watchdog.”

” . . .  A detailed investigation of government files, accounts and correspondence conducted in Rwanda in 1996-97 by the author –together with Belgian economist Pierre Galand– confirmed that many of the arms purchases had been negotiated outside the framework of government to government military aid agreements through various intermediaries and private arms dealers. These transactions –recorded as bona fide government expenditures– had nonetheless been included in the State budget which was under the supervision of the World Bank. Large quantities of machetes and other items used in the 1994 ethnic massacres –routinely classified as “civilian commodities” — had been imported through regular trading channels.”

3 (New) Nuke Mishaps in N. America

10 04 2014

Not  San Onofre or WIPP ….


Breaking: 8.2 Quake Off Chile

1 04 2014

It’s on tv – CNN etc. now. BBC is saying no big casualties or building damages.

Details & Map from USGS

CNN reports a 6 foot tsunami wavePowerful earthquake strikes off Chile; tsunami believed generated

TSUNAMI REPORT (early one)


Ubinas Volcano in Peru just went off.

Evacuations as Peru volcano rumbles to life

PHOTOS:  Chile 8.2 earthquake: Tsunami warning spurs evacuation of coastline

LIVE COVERAGE from The Telegraph [UK]

Chile earthquake: rush to evacuate coast after tsunami warning – live

RSOE Live data MAP






MANY very large aftershocks continue Thursday . . . see Radioactive Chat for more.

Quakes list including some left out by USGS – CSEM



[updates will go here]

Mystery Quake Suddenly Happens When N. Korea Sends Volley Over Yellow Sea

1 04 2014

Item: [CNN] Report: N. Korea fires on South during North’s military drills; South responds [or South fired on North and North responded]

Item: [USA Today] North Korea sending message to U.S. with missile barrage

Item: 5.0 (man-made?) quake hits Yellow Sea  < MAP

The Guardian story has a MAP of the dust up …. same spot as the quake.

Strange Sounds asks Was the Magnitude Five Earthquake in North Korea Triggered by Nuclear Tests?

A Series of Quakes in The Pacific Northwest

29 03 2014


UPDATE, March 31

Related to land movement? Big gas explosion west of Wall-Walla, Wash. < MAP


Protest Planned for Giant Nuke Biz “Summit” in The Hague March 23

21 03 2014

The dregs of humanity will converge on The Hague for the Earth-ending festival of evil. Protests are banned (which should double their size).

See all the news here -

English LINK:

It looks like they are going to try the Miami Model used at the FTAA.  

Once they supply all of this anti-gathering hardware and weaponry they warehouse it regionally for quick access for future use.  We all know that. And it doesn’t work.


The nuke industry summit official tweet page has lots of pictures…. mostly of security arrangements.

Greenpeace has been doing banner drops

ENE News has a good interview link – Growing likelihood Fukushima reactors will be entombed — Nuclear ‘sacrifice zone’ where they can only try to reduce contamination from escaping — Unprecedented situation, it’s flowing into Pacific Ocean continually adding to plume soon to hit West Coast

US Attempt to Sever Ukraine Using Neo-Nazis Fails

18 03 2014

How the US dream of world supremacy was buried in Crimea

These are official results from the referendum in Crimea:
  • 96.77% voted for Crimea to join Russia
  • 02.51% voted for Crimea to remain a sovereign autonomous republic inside the Ukraine
  • 00.72% of the votes were declared invalid
  • 83.10% of the eligible voters participated in this referendum (thus:16.9% did not vote)

Hossein Askari : The White House has fallen into a counterproductive sanctions pattern that actually signals US weakness, not resolve in confronting an adversary . . .

Nazi pests the US used to try and grab Ukraine -