At Gaza: Israel Used Directed Energy Weapons & Tactical Nukes – Dana

27 07 2014

Proof -


G00gle News hides  headlines like these -


Fukushima Stack Appears to be Listing

25 07 2014

Looking at the LIVE CAM at Fukushima it appears the big stack is tilting to the right.

To check we did a screen grab and put grid marks on the image using Paint.

Red box is computer-squared so it has no error in straightness. The up and down line on the right half of the image is next to a tall wall to demonstrate if the camera is tilted or not. The camera does not seem to be askew. The blow-up image is at the bottom – click on it for full size.



Another view using 2 overlaid photos, before and after.

LIVE CAM view Saturday afternoon -

The pink and purple isn’t from a beautiful sunset.



Palestine Flags Fly at Tour De France

20 07 2014

Stage 15 -


Video < 23 second mark

At the exciting duel at the last kilometer of today’s stage spectators waved Palestine flags. The broadcast was seen worldwide by millions.

Perhaps they had waved them at this huge rally in Paris.

Fukushima Live Cam Offers a Red Pill OR a Blue Pill

20 07 2014

Two different views at the same time are given on “live” cams from Fukushima.

White steam or smoke as usual on the JNN cam - OR -  a bright sunny day (smoke-free) on the TEPCO cam.



JNN cam has lots of cheerful bird sounds then (cut tape) dead silence.


July 20 -

Weird light arcing again at Fukushima -


at 4:20 the fun begins:


Massive Black Smoke Cloud at Fukushima

16 07 2014

Since they stopped attempts to cool the wrecked fuel pools at Fukushima Daiichi over a week ago things are deteriorating rapidly there in recent hours.

From the JNN Live Cam -






LATER – on another cam:


M4.6 quake hits Fukushima



Something Awful is Unfolding at Fukushima Now

14 07 2014

TEPCO Live Cam


Latest On Brit Well Connected Pedophiles

14 07 2014

No vocabulary for what this is . . .

The Telegraph [UK] - Theresa May’s judgement questioned over botched appointment of Baroness Butler-Sloss to lead child abuse probe

Baroness Butler-Sloss stepped down as the head of a major inquiry into child abuse claims following criticism of her links to the establishment.
However on the following day The Daily Telegraph disclosed her late brother, Sir Michael Havers, was Attorney General at the time of the alleged abuses in the 1980s. . . .
. . . .  Sir Michael, father of the actor Nigel Havers, reportedly tried to stop Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens from using parliamentary privilege to name diplomat Sir Peter Hayman, a leading MI6 officer, as a paedophile.

SEE ALSO –  Latest Brit Well Connected Star Exposed as Child Rapist

Needed: new vocabulary to define ‘well-connected child rapists belonging to top government posts and most powerful families and in top law enforcement positions and in highest diplomatic circles’. Not to be confused with  ‘well-connected child rapists belonging to top positions in the Vatican and archdiocese worldwide’ or  ‘well-connected child rapists at the highest positions in Hollywood and the music industry’.


Catholic church lawyer details cover-up claims on sex abuse
Jennifer Haselberger, the highest-level official from a US diocese to make claims of a cover-up, is a canon law expert educated at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. She alleges a cover-up is happening right now in Minnesota.

[snip] ” . . .  Haselberger said that when she started examining records in 2008 of clergy under restrictions over sex misconduct with adults and children she found “nearly 20″ of the 48 men still in ministry. She said she repeatedly warned Nienstedt and his aides about the risk of these placements, but they took action only in one case. As a result of raising alarms, she said she was eventually shut out of meetings about priest misconduct. She resigned last year.   . . . “

” . . .  Haselberger said scattered among storage locations throughout the archdiocese, she found priests’ records, including the history of allegations against them, their compliance with the monitoring program, and evidence of their misconduct. “The presence of so many files in so many different locations meant that often important information did not make its way into the priest’s personnel file,” she said.. . . . “