Third prominent banker found dead in six days < UPDATED

1 02 2014

Bloomberg is reporting this morning that former Federal Reserve economist Mike Dueker was found dead in an apparent suicide near Tacoma, Washington.

Dueker, 50, a chief economist at Russell Investments, had been missing since Jan. 29 and was reportedly having troubles at work.

Normally HousingWire wouldn’t cover deaths in the industry, but what’s strange is that Dueker is the third prominent banker found dead since Sunday.

On Sunday, William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank, was found hanging in his home, also an apparent suicide.

On Tuesday, Gabriel Magee, 39, vice president at JPMorgan Chase & Co’s (JPM) London headquarters, apparently jumped to his death from a building in the Canary Wharf area.

We missed this one – “Last week, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG died last week. The cause of death has not been made public.” from – Why Are Banking Executives In London Killing Themselves?

London Stunned By Spate Of Financial Worker Deaths

Chief economist’s apparent suicide is the latest in a series of bizarre deaths in the financial world this week  -  We missed this one too - “Monday, Jan. 27: Tata Motors managing director Karl Slym died after falling from a hotel room in Bangkok in what police said could be possible suicide.
Slym, 51, had attended a board meeting of Tata Motors’ Thailand unit in the Thai capital and was staying with his wife in a room on the 22nd floor of the Shangri-La hotel. Hotel staff found his body on Sunday on the fourth floor, which juts out above lower floors.”

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UPDATE, Feb. 5

Before It’s News – 4th Banker ‘Suicided’ In A Week!


Feb. 15 – Before It’s News -   Following the Bodies: “We Are at the Precipice of Something So Big, It Will Shake the Financial World”

Feb. 25 – Before It’s NewsGerald Celente On Bankster Suicides In Newly Released Video Report On ‘The Conspiracy Show’  < has video

April 8 – Dutch banker killed wife and daughter before suicide: police

(Reuters) – A Dutch banker killed his wife and younger daughter before committing suicide, police said on Monday.

Jan Peter Schmittmann, 57, who ran domestic operations at ABN AMRO when it was one of the largest banks in the world, was found dead at his home in the wealthy Amsterdam commuter town of Laren early on Saturday. . .

. . . . Schmittmann is the second former ABN AMRO executive to die in unusual circumstances in the past five years. In 2009, former chief financial officer Huibert Boumeester was found dead in woodland near London in an apparent suicide a year after he had left the bank. . . .


There are more article on the topic at Before It’s News.

Banksters at Davos Take Advice from Goldie Hawn

22 01 2014

From Market Watch -

“Goldie Hawn, who has shifted from Hollywood to meditation guru in recent years will be a panelist at Davos. Hawn is slated to talk about wellness . . . “


Dana on the Public Relations Firms Defending Nukes Now

17 01 2014



Radioactive Chat – (scroll down)  How Many Bananas Do You Need To Eat To Get a Metallic Taste In Your Mouth?

Who is nuke shill David Perlman and who does he work for?

9 01 2014

We saw this idiotic story just now from The San Fransisco Chronicle by David Perlman  – Coast getting little radiation from Fukushima disaster

Hmmm? Let’s check out the work this elderly science writer produces. Gems like this – Newly discovered microbe gobbling up gulf oil (2010). Franken-bacteria. Goody!

He doesn’t seem to have ties to Shell Oil like nuke shill, Maggie “Boing Boing!” Koerth-Baker but his paper may.

Let’s look at the SF Chronicle. They are owned “by The San Francisco Newspaper Company, a consortium owned by Canadian media mogul Todd Vogt.” Vogt may be Canadian but we don’t see any ties to uranium in his profile. BUT . . . Hoover’s says billionaire Philip Anschutz owns the SF Newspaper Co..

Let’s check him out. “. . . .He found a billion-barrel pocket of oil a mile underground–one of the largest discoveries since Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay. In 1982, not long before oil prices plunged, Anschutz sold a chunk of his find to Mobil for $500 million.

Being a big wheel having oil profits can’t explain the deceptive article Perlman wrote poo-pooing radiation wafting over California.

It must be the media mogul bosses just want to preserve their California holdings and don’t want to get stuck with a giant newspaper chain with a total circulation of 12.

Related – Government, Media Cover Up Fukushima Radiation Wave Hitting US

Again, We Ask:

How much money can a person enjoy when to get it they have to put readers in deadly peril from radiation, to promote the deadly nuclear power industry that immorally weaponizes their “fuel” against all international conventions and pollutes this Earth like crazy and to imply anyone subjected to 50+ years of fallout and concerned about the resultant cancers, deaths, immune system impairments and mystery diseases are all a bunch of impressionable paranoid conspiracy freaks?

How TEPCO Kept the Lid on US Media

8 01 2014

ENE- News - NPR and California Department of Public Health appear on document with nuclear-related U.S. entities ‘working together’ with Tepco to ‘disseminate’ Fukushima-related information — CDHP Yesterday: West Coast will get NO radioactive contamination from Fukushima (PHOTO)


The Flow Chart of Evil:

Stop Japan’s Fukushima Censorship – Harvey Wasserman

6 12 2013

At a critically dangerous moment, Japan is poised to take a giant step toward officially shrouding Fukushima in the deepest possible secrecy.

At least two petitions are being circulated in opposition (

One is addressed to the Japanese government and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (

The other goes to the new US Ambassador, Caroline Kennedy (…).

The official state secrets act pushed by Abe has passed the lower house of the Japanese Diet and may pass the upper house shortly. Abe would then sign it.

But opposition within Japan is fierce. Large demonstrations have railed against the act, and the media/internet traffic is intense. The law will certainly be challenged in the courts. A national movement will follow to overturn the law and the administration that fomented it.

The bill mandates ten-year prison sentences for Japanese citizens who publicly oppose government policies having to do with “national security.” Abe is intent on stepping up Japan’s military. The bill is in part the product of increasing tensions with China. The circulation of a video of a recent naval encounter between the two powers is often cited.

But the critical issue is Fukushima, where the media’s access is already limited.

The massively dangerous, complex and expensive attempt to contain the disaster has reached a critical stage. . . . (more)

ENE-News – Japan Official: “This is the way the reign of terror begins!” — Lawmaker is “physically restrained”; Outrage as secrets bill rammed through — Final passage expected within hours (PHOTOS)

Fukushima – The Most Dangerous Moment

9 11 2013

Before It’s News -  We Are In The Most Dangerous Moment Since the Cuban Missile Crisis

Scientists Warn of Extreme Risk
We’ve long said that the greatest short-term threat to humanity is from the fuel pools at Fukushima.
The Japanese nuclear agency recently green-lighted the removal of the spent fuel rods from Fukushima reactor 4′s spent fuel pool. . . .

Nov. 13 – Before It’s News – ABC Kills West Coast Evac Story: Why?