3 YEARS After Fukushima’s Meltdowns They Still Don’t Know Where the Reactor Cores Are

11 03 2014

ENE-News - Professor Hiroaki Koide, Kyoto University Research Reactor Institute: There has been no resolution at the accident site itself. Prime Minister Abe has stated that the situation is under control. But from my vantage point, the accident is not under control at all. And there have been no resolutions. […] the reactor cores of Units 1 through 3 melted down, and we don’t even know where they are.

NBC – U.S. Nuclear Agency Hid Concerns, Hailed Safety Record as Fukushima Melted

Radiation: 2800 nSv/h near Fukushima – on the coast

27 02 2014

A  comment on Dana’s show on You Tube points out the

IS 2800



36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About How Radiation From Fukushima Is Affecting The West Coast

11 02 2014

By Michael Snyder

The west coast of the United States is being absolutely fried by radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the mainstream media is not telling us the truth about this.  What you are about to see is a collection of evidence that is quite startling.  Taken collectively, this body of evidence shows that nuclear radiation from Fukushima is affecting sea life in the Pacific Ocean and animal life along the west coast of North America in some extraordinary ways.  But the mainstream media continues to insist that we don’t have a thing to worry about.  The mainstream media continues to insist that radiation levels in the Pacific and along the west coast are perfectly safe.  Are they lying to us?  Evaluate the evidence compiled below and come to your own conclusions…




Mystery Puff From Fukushima Dai Ichi – UPDATED

6 02 2014

Screen grab from the live cam of the back view -


Info from Radioactive Chat.

UPDATE, Feb. 10


TEPCO says unit 3 releases some ‘harmless’ steam.

What They Should Study About Fukushima

23 01 2014

We see they are going to begin to STUDY CALIFORNIA KELP for radiation. 

Over 1,000 days after multiple, spectacular meltdowns in Japan they turn off all the radiation monitors, dish out lie after lie and avoid food safety checks and air monitoring. And they are going to look at the kelp.

Here’s our list of what they should study:

  • How did Japan get nukes (weapons risk) when they LOST the war and were supposed to be de-militarized?
  • Who authorized the re-militarization of Japan when it was in their surrender agreement that they couldn’t do that?
  • Where is ALL the plutonium from Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors?
  • Where is ALL the corium from Fukushima Daiichi’s reactors?
  • What is the contaminated water flow rate at Fukushima into the sea?
  • How does Japan plan to pay reparations to the foreigners they kill, infants not born or born with major radiation defects?
  • How does Japan plan to pay reparations to the fishing industry of Canada and the US?
  • How does Japan plan to pay reparations to the US for the damage to the USS Ronald Reagan and her crew?
  • When will Japan stop their internet censorship?
  • How much contaminated food did Japan export? Where did it go?
  • Why is Japan allowed to burn radiated materials in the open air in population centers?
  • Who authorized the weapons factory making weapon-use-only MOX fuel at Unit 3?
  • What other secret nuke weapons labs are in Japan?
  • What is the infant mortality rate in Japan including incomplete pregnancies?
  • When is international team going to investigate Japan medical personnel’s habit of telling mother’s their deformed babies died when they are born living and terminated?
  • When is international team going to investigate Japan’s medical personnel and government ties to a secret doomsday cult?
  • Why is incompetent Japan allowed to keep outside experts away from inspection their out of control, extinction-threatening nuclear disaster or from giving advice?
  • What international agency inspected Japan’s illegal nuke weapons facility at Fukushima?
  • Why is incompetent, criminal TEPCO allowed to control the meltdown ruins when they have no ability to stop the radiation coming out in the water, air and soil?
  • Why does the US have trade sanctions against Iran and not against Japan?
  • Who is floating Japan’s ponzi scheme debt?

TWO 5.8 Quakes Offshore Japan – USGS Misses Out Again

18 01 2014

TWO BIG QUAKES at sea S.E. from Tokyo near a subduction zone.

USGS shows one 5.4 quake.

From the RSOE map:



Thanks to Radioactive Chat for the info. We see a LOT of these twin same-magnitude quakes lately. Yesterday this showed up in Central America.

Dana on the Public Relations Firms Defending Nukes Now

17 01 2014

LINK -  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RhwnjtmVIM&feature=share


Radioactive Chat – (scroll down)  How Many Bananas Do You Need To Eat To Get a Metallic Taste In Your Mouth?