Radiation In Hawaii Soil Tested at over 100 Times What the

24 03 2018


Nuke ProRadiation In Hawaii Soil Tested at over 100 Times What the the “Models” Predicted, and Cancer Skyrockets


Scary Quakes off N. California coast

23 03 2018

Strange Sounds M4.6 and M4.7 earthquakes hit near Eureka, California – Series of 24 tremors hit The Geysers, Ca

A magnitude 4.6 earthquake hit off the coast of Northern California Thursday morning at 9:24 a.m. about eight miles west of Humboldt Hill and roughly 11 miles away from Eureka. It was followed by a M4.7 earthquake Thursday evening at 8:09 p.m. about 29 miles southwest of Eureka. A tsunami was not expected as a result of the quakes. Meanwhile, a series of tremors is currently swarming The Geysers [next to San Andreas fault], again in California.” . . . (more + maps)


RSOE zoomable map – The Oceanic Transform Fault is the east to west line in the ocean off of Eureka.

2016 map showing some of the faults on the seafloor.

Earlier we posted a story showing why the Cascadia Subduction Zone is scary.

4 New Jersey Nuke Plants in electric power outage danger from storm

22 03 2018


Nuke plants need constant conventional power to run their control room and to keep from melting down. This electric power outage map is of concern.


We ask: Did the FBI bomb Austin?

22 03 2018

There was a new terrur attack in Austin,Texas this week that is called serial crime… 1-man-crime-wave attack by authorities. ABC – Alleged Austin ‘serial bomber’ kills self with explosive

The crime-wave bombing spree coincided with the biggest FBI scandal since they were outed working relentlessly to hamper/discredit/smear/kill Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

The FBI is expert at bomb making and planting bombs on targets to create false prosecution of political enemies and activists.

Recent FBI woes:


The tree deaths across the US are the result of decades of heavy chemtrailing in the US – Leuren Moret

21 03 2018

The “tiny beetle” story is baloney (Senator Diane Feinstein was the NWO mouthpiece on “we have to cut them down – they’re a fire hazard”). The tree deaths across the US are the result of decades of heavy chemtrailing in the US that was going on in Canada as well since the 1970s. The chemtrails have been loaded w nanoparticle metals that have covered the forests with a film of very tiny highly flammable particles that reach temperatures – when they burn – that can be as high 4-5000 degrees (3-4 times higher than pre-chemtrail temps). The forest fires reach temps. that are much harder to put out, and burn much longer, turning everything that burns to nanoparticle ash. Who owns the forests in the US?

By the 1970’s, Sir Jimmy Goldsmith (Goldsmiths intermarried w Rothschilds since 1700’s in Frankfurt/Darmstadt) personally owned all of the timber companies in the US. In the 1970’s, sitting at the table in a Gentleman’s club in London, he traded the US timber companies for 49% of Newmont mining co. – the biggest uranium and gold producing companies in the US. Since then, the ownership (Rothschilds) have been scheming to harvest the forests of America that belong to we-the-people, without causing an environmental uproar across America.

By chemtrailing across the US with invisible nanoparticle metals INCLUDING large amounts of RADIATION, they have created the biggest die-off of trees, and potential continental bonfire that was ever created by humans.

As the local forest fires are burning across America, all that radiation from 1300 nuc bomb tests in Nevada, emissions from 110 nuclear power plants, sloppy govt. weapons labs, and various nuclear technologies is being remobilized and America is inhaling it.


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Alberta Oil Sands Fire

The Treaty Of 1213 – The Beginning Of The Lie

20 03 2018

of interest . . .

1822 -Secret Treaty of Verona –

ARTICLE I. ” . . .  to use all their efforts to put an end to the system of representative governments, in what ever country it may exist in Europe, and to prevent its being introduced in those countries where it is not yet known.”

Here Comes The Sun

Once upon a time before the year 1066 the people of England held Allodial title to their land. Not even the king could take the land for not paying a tithe.


William the Conquer came in 1066 and stole the Kings Title and took the land of the people. From William I, 1066, to King John, 1199, England was in dire straits. It was bankrupt.

The King invoked the Law of Mortmain, the dead man’s hand, so people couldn’t pass their land on to the church or anyone else without the King’s permission, (modern day probate?). Without Mortmain the King would lose the land he controlled.

The Vatican didn’t like that because the King owed a lot of pounds to the Vatican. (WHY?)

(1). King John refused to accept The Vatican’s representative, Stephen Langton, whom Pope Innocent III installed to rule England(religious or in fact?)

(2). In 1208…

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Florida International “instant bridge” University – Strontium Milks is coming for you

20 03 2018

LINK – https://youtu.be/WO5xC2aYk1k

” . . . achieve a design life that exceeds 100 years . . . “ was it even 100 HOURS??

LINK – https://youtu.be/Y9ohLtV4LXI

LINK – https://youtu.be/w7QlT5JrKbc