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29 09 2020


James Howard Kunstler

“It’s whispered that The Times was hoping to unload the tax story much later in the campaign but needed desperately to provide some ammunition for Mr. Biden’s turn in the debating ring with the president on Tuesday night, when both these matters are sure to come up for review. That is, if Mr. Biden dares to show up. Those of you with a taste for history may recall the final hours of another Democratic eminence of yore, William Jennings Bryan, when he was vivisected on the witness stand by Clarence Darrow at the Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee, 1925. Five days later, Bryan dropped dead, and his reputation as a humiliated old fool is much better remembered than his moment of glory in 1896 as a 36-year-old nominee for president (youngest ever).

If Joe Biden does show up at Tuesday’s debate, it will be under at least one severe disadvantage: the contest happens at night. Through the preceding weeks, Mr. Biden’s handlers have “put a lid” on his campaign activities at ten o’clock in the morning more days than not, and sometimes at eight-thirty a.m., before the press pool has even digested its oat-milk honey lattes. “A lid” means the candidate makes no appearances nor is available to the media that day. You have to wonder whether Ol’ White Joe can even function after sundown. Senile dementia typically presents more vividly in the evening. The Biden team may seek to counter that with doses of Adderall, an amphetamine. The side-effects are interesting: “mental / mood changes (such as agitation, aggression, mood swings, abnormal thoughts) uncontrolled movements, continuous chewing / teeth grinding, outbursts of words / sounds, prolonged erections (in males).” Watch for these.”

From Seeing Through Pea Soup (9-28)


Pre-showwatch A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum  on line.


23 09 2020

Live coverage is from local tv station, WHAS11


University of Waterloo Doctor & Professor Refers To COVID-19 As A “Fake Emergency”

17 09 2020

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

  • The Facts: A chemistry professor at the University of Waterloo has distributed a course outline to students, saying his in-class exams aren’t mandatory “because of the COVID fake emergency.”
  • Reflect On:Why are opinions and narratives that oppose the WHO being censored, ridiculed, and largely ignored? Why aren’t they discussed openly and transparently?

What Happened: Dr. Michael Palmer, a chemistry professor at the University of Waterloo, Canada, who also has a medical degree with a specialization in microbiology is making headlines for for distributing a course outline to his students saying his in-class exams aren’t mandatory “because of the COVID fake emergency,” according to CBC news. . .  (more)


Fukushima Radiation Killing All the Birds

17 09 2020




From 2012: Smell a Rat? Homeland Security Warns of Terrorist Wildfire Attacks

13 09 2020

2012: Smell a Rat? Homeland Security Warns of Terrorist Wildfire Attacks


The Paper Airplane of 9-11

12 09 2020

Sent in –

As another 9/11 recedes into the gales of history, let’s never forget that this was one of Epstein’s fav paintings (as visions of blackmail and satanic ritual dance in our heads) — let’s also never forget to keep asking WHY it might have been his fav (??)

& just what in the hell (pardon) is going on over Australia right now??????? Another 9/11 pentagon/pentagram/pentacle tribute? 
This CREEPS me out:

Not Good News: Scientists believe they have found how San Andreas tremors occur

7 09 2020

Daily Mail [UK] –

San Andreas Fault tremors are triggered by SUPERHEATED rocks deep below the surface that are melted at 650 degrees by gliding plates creating friction, study reveals

  • Scientists believe they have found how San Andreas tremors occur
  • The team looked deep below the surface to see what disturbances occur
  • They found that after a big earthquake, tectonic plates begin gliding
  • The gliding creates friction that pushes temperatures to 650 degrees F
  • The heat melts rocks into a fluid-like state that causes instability in the bedrock
  • This allows the plates room to glide even more until the slip past each other