9 Quakes Leaping Down the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

2 07 2015

From  RSOE map


Older quakes on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge


#9:  USGS – 5.7M Quake on Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge



Wrecked Nuke Plant at Fukushima Blowing Itself Up

1 07 2015

See it LIVEhttp://www.ustream.tv/channel/tbs-live-camera

Some screen capture video from today – it looks like it is making its own earthquakes, plus falling apart, plus smoking, plus super bright fires, burning areas(???).

This ENE-News reader says it is a uranium fire coming up from the ground.



The heavy white smoke is blowing thick and heavy, then quitting and dissipating for a bit then starting up again.


LINK –  http://youtu.be/YCR_NdXHcJI   < more similar videos on this channel

LINK –  http://youtu.be/kKqQOhBmLoo

UPDATE, July 3

Smoke event is starting again. See monitoring of it on p.10 in the forum at ENE-News. Yellow haze is seen.



Flying Cuttlefish screen shots of this event are all archived here.

More pictures and links in the comments on this post.

Canticle of the Sun

23 06 2015


Earth-friendly pope on the duty to protect the earth


Here we see how environmental deterioration and human and ethical degradation are closely linked. Many people will deny doing anything wrong because distractions constantly dull our consciousness of just how limited and finite our world really is. As a result, “whatever is fragile, like the environment, is defenseless before the interests of a deified market, which become the only rule”.

Originally posted on Collapse of Industrial Civilization:

As a young boy raised in the rigid catechism of the Catholic Church, I was no stranger to contradiction and non sequitur.

The high, arching vaults of cathedral whose vertical volume is designed to put man in his place among the towering edifice of the saints, the superimposed almost miniature scale of the pews, the oppressive silence of a vast and empty church.

The looming spectacle of towering oak confessionals, hushed inside with heavy curtain, and black, pitch black, it takes a few moments to find the kneeling pad and to position yourself near the thin fabric partition panel, a wooden core perforated with small holes from which movement and shadow emerge.

A rustling ensues and an invisible door slides open, exposing the partition to the priest’s chamber on the other side. You cannot see but you can hear.

The priest speaks in a thick Irish brogue, first in Latin…

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Ukraine – Radioactive Waste Leaking – Donetsk < UPDATED

22 06 2015

Radioactive waste materials leaking from a storage site in the Donetsk

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Kiev forces are concerned over the possibility of radioactive waste materials leaking from a storage site in the Donetsk area in Ukraine’s southeast, Ukrainian Maj. Gen. Andriy Taran said.

The statement explained that an explosion that occurred at a Donetsk chemical factory on June 16 could have led to damages at the radiation storage site as it triggered the detonation of underground ammunition depots. . . (more)


RSOE Report


More on Ukraine’s

UPDATE, June 26

Dr, Leuren Moret says it isn’t nuke waste –

On Sunday February 8, 2015, at 10:50 PM local time, an unprecedented nuclear attack by Ukrainian government troops occurred in the city of Donetsk. The TOCHKA-U (SS-21 SCARAB) Soviet-era short range ballistic missile, armed with an AA-60 nuclear warhead with a selectable yield of 10-100 kt, was one of 50 TOCHKA-U missiles left in the Ukraine military arsenal after the collapse of the Soviet Union. For comparison the Hiroshima bomb had a yield of 20 kt, the first nuclear bomb to be dropped on a human population in Japan in 1945. [see FIG. 22]  Source: J. Phillips, ”Did a tactical nuke just go off in Ukraine, big explosion rocks Donetsk”, Epoch Times, Feb. 8, 2015. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/1243441-did-a-tactical-nuke-just-go-off-in-ukraine-big-explosion-rocks-donetsk/

TOCHKA-U BALLISTIC MISSILE ATTACK ON CITY OF DONETSK:  The TOCHKA-U ballistic missile was armed with a nuclear warhead, that detonated in a partially wooded industrial area, 1000 meters (0.6 mile) from the Donetsk State Factory of Chemical Products, in the Donetsk district of Kuibishevsky [FIG. 2(a)]. The nuclear blast left a crater 9.1 meter (30’) deep and 50 meters (164’) wide [FIG. 2(b)]. Trees surrounding the crater were stripped of leaves and snapped off like matchsticks from the powerful blast [FIG. 2(b), 21]. The high-energy shock wave shattered windows all over Donetsk, and was felt 30 km (18.6 miles) away. . . . ( more + maps etc.)





Large Quakes Again in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

17 06 2015

USGS Report – M7.0 – Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

RSOE has 3 big quakes in the area –



1, 2, 3

No tsunami is expected

July 24 – 7 Large Quakes Rock the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Pondering Looming Human Extinction

12 06 2015

Global Warming and Human Extinction Guy McPherson

LINK –  http://youtu.be/PTxuwh_WS8Q

What Beau Biden Knew – by Trowbridge H. Ford

4 06 2015

The real test for James Comey’s FBI now is whether it will pursue Vice President Joe Biden’s confession that his son Beau, the former Delaware Attorney General, had been his redemption in covering up, it seems, the vicious murder of John P. Wheeler back in December 2010.

Beau Biden stonewalled what the NSA’s Special Collection Service had done to Wheeler for leaking what it was doing to Iran because of its continuing development apparently of a nuclear weapons capability – what Joe Biden had assisted [with] around Wilmington.

He and other covert officials had even welcomed the arrival of kidnapped Iranian arms dealer Amir Ardeibili when he was brought to Delaware.

Then Wheeler was set up for murder by acting as if Shah heir, Ali Resa Pahlsvi, who was subsequently murdered, it seems, wanted to meet him in Wilmington about what Washington was doing covertly to Iran.

The unsolved murder stinks so much that Senator Ted Cruz just joked about it, saying that all one had to do is ask someone about the Vice President, and one would get a laugh without stating the punch line – what Cruz has now apologized for as if he didn’t know about Beau’s redeeming character for Joe before Beau died.

Washington is just a political sewer, and the Bureau should start cleaning it up too.