Big California fire, the Woolsey fire, is engulfing the old rad-contaminated Rocketdyne facility

9 11 2018

Hill Fire & Woolsey Fire Map: Evacuations, Location & Size of Camarillo & Ventura County Fires

” . . . The Woolsey Fire is a “smaller” fire in Simi Valley near the Rocketdyne facility in Santa Susana Pass,
ABC 7 reported. The Woolsey Fire had grown to 2,000 acres by 7:51 p.m., according to CAL FIRE. . . “


From ABC 7 News – 

“The blaze, dubbed the Woolsey Fire, started in Simi Valley near the Rocketdyne facility in the Santa Susana Pass.”

Rocketdyne has re-invented itself as Aerojet-Rocketdyne, grabbing those lucrative NASA contracts and dumping the nuke waste left from Rocketdyne like a snake shedding its skin. Reach for the stars, kiddies, because we made Earth uninhabitable!

 SEE – L.A. area meltdown in 1959 a LOT worse than previously thought

  The End of California

 ENE-News (archived) – Los Angeles-area Meltdown: Cesium-137 still up to 1,000 times higher than standard — Plutonium also detected — Located between Chatsworth and Simi Valley

  Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 – USAF, 1996


From Dr. Leuren Moret –

The State of Calif. is involved in the 18 fires on this map – but there are more fires
in Calif. that involve only local firefighters/agencies as well:

This area that burned around Santa Susana (RocketDyne) is in Los Angeles.  These fires across the US are all part of Rockefeller/UN Agenda 21.  Nearly all of the US will be burned off when they get through with this madness.  There are fires all over California now (map), and here is a real time state govt. website to follow all the fires – good maps updated regularly.      Leuren

Experts Say Rumors of “Radioactive Ash” from the Woolsey Fire Are Unsubstantiated

Residents worried Woolsey Fire smoke might carry hazardous chemicals

So its not radioactive huh?  The parents of 100’s of children who died as a result of exposure to radiation from this facility at Santa Susana were awarded $250 million about 10 yrs. ago.  There is/was also a big movie lot there, but some of it burned up today – like the “western town” where BONANZA was filmed.  Many of the actors/actresses who filmed there died of cancer such as Michael Landon.  I also was contacted by a woman who jogged on the trails around the facility, and she had eye cancer and wanted to know how to cure it.  RocketDyne and other contractors had a research reactor there, and had lost their license to operate it 10 yrs. before the children started dying.  An expert witness to the lawsuit discovered fresh very short half-life isotopes and told me they had to come from an operating reactor – so it had been illegally operated for at least 10 yrs.  It contaminated the groundwater for miles around the facility – and its still very radioactive there.  This is an interesting Wiki article for viewers to read, it describes very well all of the activities over the years that our govt. was doing there.  They were also trying to make an X-ray Laser, using some of the isotopes from a reactor there. Leuren
Santa Susana Field Laboratory   (Wikipedia)
The Santa Susana Field Laboratory is a complex of industrial research and development facilities located on a 2,668-acre (1,080 ha)[1] portion of the Southern CaliforniaSimi Hills in Simi Valley, California. It was used mainly for the development and testing of liquid-propellant rocket engines for the United States space program from 1949 to 2006,[1] nuclear reactors from 1953 to 1980 and the operation of a U.S. government-sponsored liquid metals research center from 1966 to 1998.[2] The site is located approximately 7 miles (11 km) northwest from the community of Canoga Parkand approximately 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Downtown Los AngelesSage Ranch Park is adjacent on part of the northern boundary and the community of Bell Canyonalong the entire southern boundary.[3]Throughout the years, about ten low-power nuclear reactors operated at SSFL, in addition to several “critical facilities” that helped develop nuclear science and applications. At least four of the ten nuclear reactors had accidents during their operation. The reactors located on the grounds of SSFL were considered experimental, and therefore, had nocontainment structures.The site ceased research and development operations in 2006. The years of rocket testing, nuclear reactor testing, and liquid metal research have left the site “significantly contaminated”. Environmental cleanup is ongoing.In 2018, a 7-year-old girl (and hundreds of other children) living inSimi Valley died of neuroblastoma, prompting public urging to thoroughly clean up the site.[4]

Jeff Rense – SoCal Fire Released Deadly Radiation And Toxins From Burned-Over Rocketdyne And Spread By Smoke – Vid


Also covering the story:  mining awareness


Take Our Test: Is it Real -OR- Is It Memorex? (California Fires Version)

16 11 2018

We are looking at a lot of images from the big California Fire Swarm.





Oct. 2015 – Lockheed Martin begins manufacturing vehicle-mounted laser weapon


D. E. W. ATHENA Laser Weapon


Lockheed Martin – ATHENA Laser Weapon System Prototype

Before the California fire swarm they removed this page …. Lockheed Martin / Laser Weapon Systems

Lockheed Martin is moving at light speed to position these capable systems for success on the battlefield. We have developed innovative fiber lasers, sophisticated beam control and auxiliary technologies. Combined with expert platform integration, these advances enable offensive and defensive capabilities against a growing range of threats to military forces and infrastructure.” … as well as threats to their BUDGET, their R & D, their foreign weapons sales. Burn ’em up, fry ’em up if they threaten your privileged asses!

Lockheed Martin’s modular ATHENA laser weapon is headed to production

2017 – The Daily Mail [UK] – US Army reveals video of ‘Athena’ laser weapon shooting down FIVE drones in most impressive test yet

  • ‘Athena’ is a ground-based laser system that can be mounted atop vehicles
  • In tests at White Sands Missile Range, it shot down 5 unmanned Outlaw drones
  • The system causes loss of control and structural failure in an invisible attack



2015 – Tianjin China Explosions – Accident or Nuked?

Tianjin Crater Gives Nuke Weapon Clues

The End of California Redux – Weather as a Force Multiplier, Part 2

15 11 2018

We were perusing the 1996 USAF blovinated tome, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 (earlier post), and couldn’t help ourselves.
We updated their schematic diagram of how they control weather using their proposed Global Weather Network, aka NOAA.

Is IBM Building the Most Powerful Weather Service the World Has Ever Seen?

IBM Technology to Power NOAA’s Weather and Climate Supercomputers, with Greater Reliability and Processing Power



The End of California

Does Rocketdyne get a “free pass” to kill Californians because of fat DoD contract for hyper-sonic weapons? UPDATE: PG&E Gets Free Pass to Kill Californians

14 11 2018

Just askin’ ….

 Nov. 12 (UPI) — A joint program by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and U.S. Army Operational Fires has selected three companies to develop and demonstrate a ground-launched propulsion system for hypersonic missiles.

Aerojet Rocketdyne, Exquadrum, and Sierra Nevada have each received contracts to begin work on design and development for the systems, DARPA announced on Friday. . . .

 Everyone, it seems, is getting way ahead of the USA in these super-duper weapons.

Our overflow of stories on Pivot to Asia topic are at

Big California fire, the Woolsey fire, is engulfing the old rad-contaminated Rocketdyne facility

Fire Causing Electric Utility, PG&E, Gets
a TAX-PAYER FUNDED Bail-Out from
Gov. Brown


We invented a new way to name California’s many forest fires. Not using the location system but the instigator system:





California Fires – counteract the unavoidable radiation (from the contaminated Rocketdyne site) – by Leuren Moret

14 11 2018

As we just reported in our post, Big California fire, the Woolsey fire, is engulfing the old rad-contaminated Rocketdyne facility, the fires are sweeping radiated dust and rust into the smoke.

Here is good advice from nuclear expert, Dr. Leuren Moret


1. BAKING SODA AND LAETRILE:  Drink one teaspoon of baking soda in water each morning, and eat an apple seed.  The baking soda will increase the pH in the body to pH 7 and higher, causing a basic environment that cancer cannot develop in.  This treatment will also kill cancer in patients who already have it – ie, its a cure.  This is the recommendation of Dr. Warburg, from the famous German banking family, who won the Nobel Prize in the 1930’s for discovering the cause of cancer.  It’s as simple as avoiding an acid body (below a pH of 7), and maintaining a basic environment in the body (ie, it’s about electrons).  The apple seed contains laetril (vitamin B-17), an anti-cancer agent. The entire US is now so contaminated with radiation that people should make this a permanent morning habit for the rest of their lives.  It’s a lot cheaper than getting cancer!

2. MACROBIOTIC DIET:  Japanese on macrobiotic diets in Japan after Fukushima were found to not get cancer, while Japanese in contact with western diets and processed food quickly developed cancer and died.  A medical doctor in Japan put his family, employees, and friends on macrobiotic diets immediately after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and none of them got cancer.  It took me a long time to understand that we are what we eat.  The American diet and food quality has been deliberately changed over the past 25 years to decrease or remove many essential nutrients that we cannot live without.  Iodine for instance, has been decreased by at least 80% in the past 25 years.  The Iodine is not just for the thyroid gland in the neck, it is in every cell of our bodies.  By putting 10% povidone Iodine on the skin (belly, inner arm area, face, throat etc.) every day, the body becomes saturated with non-radioactive Iodine that the body will select over radioactive Iodine and helps to avoid introduction of radiation into body processes that involve Iodine.  

In the Baby Teeth Study that I participated in with Dr. Ernest Sternglass and Dr. Jay Gould, we discovered that radioactive strontium levels were detected in baby teeth, and entered the body from contaminated milk that contained radioactive Strontium and Calcium.  When the Calcium was under saturated in the body of the baby, the body took up Calcium AND a chemically similar element – radioactive Strontium – to satisfy the baby’s need for Calcium. 

When we studied Mexican children, they had almost no radioactive Strontium in their teeth.  When we looked at their dietary preferences, we discovered a very high intake of dried corn (hominy), that was prepared by soaking the corn for 6 hrs. in slaked lime (calcium hydroxide).  This saturated the corn and cooking water with Calcium, and prevented the uptake of radioactive Strontium if it was present.  So here is another example of over saturating the body with non-radioactive essential elements like Iodine and Calcium to avoid uptake of radioactive isotopes that substitute for other essential elements.  Dried grains, pulses, and other food sources actually provide more Calcium in the diet than milk, so there is no need to depend on milk for children to get Calcium.

4. REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM:  The only filtration process that removes all radioactive isotopes (and chemicals like Fluoride) from drinking water is the reverse osmosis water filtration system.  It also removes minerals, but they can be added back into the water, or a good diet will provide the right minerals.  The filtration system can be bought online, and installed in the kitchen under the sink.  We could feel an improved brain function within 4 hours of drinking our first glasses of the newly filtered water.  Here is information on website, describing installation and benefits of the reverse osmosis process for drinking water:  
“HOW TO AVOID RADIATION: Reverse Osmosis Filtration And Avoiding Dairy Products” 
These recommendations should be permanently utilized daily because many radioactive isotopes have much longer half lives (Uranium 2.5 billion years) than our lifetimes, and they are not going to go away in our over contaminated environment.   


On the L.A. Times’ Timber Interests

13 11 2018

We keep seeing articles on the big fires in California in the LA Times with this constant mantra: “Trump’s move came just two days after he criticized California, erroneously claiming that poor forest management caused the fires of the last week… blah, blah”

They don’t do any article on forest management but just keep using this phrase, “erroneously claiming“.

Big newspapers often have a financial tie to their paper sources so we looked up the LA Times.

They were recently sold to this cancer tycoon, Patrick Soon-Shiong.

The SEC page on them says they own the TIMES MIRROR LAND AND TIMBER COMPANY.

The timber company changed hands in the 80s to this Simpson Investments team.

“During the latter half of the 1980s, Simpson Investment acquired three pulp and paper mills, two facilities to be used by its PWPipe subsidiary, and a timber company located near Arcata, California, as well as 117,000 acres of northwestern Oregon timberland from the Times Mirror Land and Timber Company. Once these acquisitions were completed, Simpson Investment officials could look back on a century of business, as the company entered the 1990s and celebrated its centennial anniversary year.”

The re-sold and re-packaged LA Times probably has ties to Simpson Investments through their board of directors. But it takes a paid account at Hoover’s etc. to check up on them. We figure this repeated phrase ruling out timber mismanagement by California from the LA Times must be tied to their pulp paper purchases and paper mill business ties. Bad forest management makes for cheaper paper. Just out opinion.

Other document showing their tie to the timber company, Bankruptcy doc.

We Ask – Was the 1990 Happy Land Social Club fire in New York a deliberate HUMAN SACRIFICE like the Grenfell Towers Fire?

13 11 2018

Oddly, ABC 7 in fire-hit Ventura County, CA is running this retrospective about the (drug import hub) Domincan “club” in NYC that had doors locked when a disgruntled patron set the whole thing ablaze on a packed night in 1990.

Do some, untouched, super-wealthy Californians get off on watching fire deaths?

ABC 7:

Happy Land Social Club fire in the Bronx in 1990

Only the arsonist went to prison. Not the slumlord husband of Hollywood royalty who broke every fire code in the book and allowed fire exits to be LOCKED at an illegal night club that plied him with rent money. And NYFD has a big hand in taking bribes to overlook the scores of Dominican drug-hub-“social clubs” that gutted the north two thirds of Manhattan island in the 80’s and 90’s.

Related – Grenfell Tower Inquiry is a SHAM!

#SEVENGATE Crime ring and the Grenfell Fire – a human sacrifice for ultra rich crazies

6.2M Quake on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

12 11 2018

Straight out  east from Honduras –  a little west of the Ridge…


and a 4.4 on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge north up by Greenland.