Can Sick Hillary Go 90 Minutes Without Coughing?

26 09 2016

The Last Stand – Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate – She Will Have Another Coughing Fit




UK Nuclear Weapons and Waste Convoys Imperil Scotland

25 09 2016


Mining Awareness +

According to a new report by Rob Edwards, a nuclear convoy accident in the centre of Glasgow would put approximately 776,370 local residents at risk of radioactive contamination.
The Emigrants statue in Helmsdale, Scotland, surrounded by mist at the base of the Highland Mountains, red enhanced
One of the worst types of accident that could happen is a collision between a tanker and a lorry carrying Trident nuclear weapons. The intense heat that would follow a fuel fire could engulf a nuclear warhead. The smoke drifting downwind would be contaminated with lethal plutonium. A severe fire could also cause the high explosive in the weapon to detonate. Although a nuclear explosion is unlikely, a conventional explosion in a Trident warhead would still have a devastating effect, dispersing plutonium for miles around.” Kirsten Oswald cited in “House of Commons Briefing Paper, Number 07542, 29 June 2016, Nuclear Convoys“, by Louisa Brooke-Holland:
(In such a context it would appear that all of greater Glasgow and…

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Again: Was Bernie Campaign a Fake?

25 09 2016

NEW: Cameron legacy ‘a bit of a tragedy’: Bernie Sanders’ brother Larry who launched MP bid speaks to RT

earlier post – Bernie Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a Real Candidate


Dana Answers the Court

24 09 2016


“I already contacted a lawyer to start a appeal . Subscribe and share !! Yay this is my first Gag order it comes with a 3 year lease or court appeal what ever comes first , I feel like a special Canadian it brings a tear of joy to my left eye . .No one knew the judge they brought the judge in from a different jurisdiction one can only assume from the conviction to frame me .”



Whole Earth Endangered by Mad Scientists, Jay Cullen, of Uranium U, and Ken Buesseler, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Brave Explorer Who Called Them Out CONVICTED in Uranium-Friendly Canadian Court.

23 09 2016

A travesty of gigantic proportions. Evidently the bar in Canada has NO MAN among them as Dana could not obtain legal help for this urgent free speech case of importance to all humanity.



The Japan Times Canada activist found guilty of harassing scientists over Fukushima fallout

A Canadian environmental activist who waged a sustained online campaign against two prominent marine scientists was found guilty of criminal harassment by a court in Victoria, British Columbia, on Thursday.

The court heard that Dana Durnford, 54, threatened violence against Jay Cullen, of the University of Victoria, and Ken Buesseler, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, and accused them of underplaying the extent of damage to Pacific ecosystems from the 2011 Fukushima disaster.

Durnford was sentenced to three years’ probation. . . . (more)



Dana Durnford Arrested For Speaking His Mind. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute AND A University Get Him Arrested

Uranium U. and Unscrupulous Faux-Scientists Wish We Would Quit Talkin’ About Fukushima Radiation Hitting the Pacific Northwest. And They Wish Even More Dana Durnford Wasn’t a MAN but a little puffy kitten like THEM!

Ken Buesseler is looking for no answers on radiation contamination in the Pacific

Woods Hole Sh*ts in Pants — Scrubs Data on Pacific Radiation

Jay Cullen Kevorkian of Fukushima – Strontium Milks


Who is checking the NE Pacific for Fukushima radiation and who is not

No Free Speech in Canada: Professor with Nuclear-Uranium Mining-Govt Ties Has Disabled Man Arrested and Put in Jail


Academics Under the TEPCO Spell ($$$$)



Nuclear Meltdown: Releasing radiation and containing the truth

Mass Mortality among Rocky Shore Invertebrates across 100 km of Northeastern Pacific Coastline- Peer Reviewed Article

Fukushima: Impact Of Fallout On Oceans Part 1
Fukushima: Impact Of Fallout On Oceans Part 2


Nuke pro – a whale article compilation


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The US Terrur Campaign in Syria was Just Defeated

22 09 2016

Our earlier post – UN News

LAVROV MAKES HISTORY: ‘Ceasefires’ were bogus, nixes future ‘unilateral measures’ [VIDEO]

Ill Omen for Syria: US Killed Truce Because Regime Change Is All It Cares About

(9-21) Russia says coalition [US] drone was in area when Syria aid convoy hit

Syria no-fly zone beneficial to Takfiri militants: President [Iran] Rouhani
A no-fly zone (in Syria) will benefit terrorists, who have everything except for military aircraft,” Rouhani said …

US, Russia Have Hours, Days for Make or Break Deal on Syria Ceasefire


President Bashar al-Assad: “U.S. attack on Syrian troops not an accident, definitely intentional” ~ [FULL Transcript and Video]

Iraq: ISIL Collapsed in Shirqat
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi army and popular forces took control of Shirqat in the province of Salahuddin from ISIL militants. [VIDEO]


Syria’s Ministry of Tourism posts video of rescued Christian city [VIDEO]

Syria’s Ministry of Tourism posts video of rescued Christian city [VIDEO]

Caught On Tape: Did The US Target Syrian Aid Convoy With Hellfire Missile?

US strike on Syrian army was an intentional provocation – Churkin, Russia’s UN envoyVIDEO  [ 00:19:00 mark ]

‘Unbelievable that US strike on Syrian army was mistake’ – fmr MI5 agentVIDEO  [ 12:35 mark ]


US-Russian Deal: ‘DoD Openly Saying It May or May Not Obey Obama’

LAVROV MAKES HISTORY: ‘Ceasefires’ were bogus, nixes future ‘unilateral measures’ [VIDEO]

Battle for Aleppo: US-Backed Rebels Shut Off Water for 1.5 Million Civilians

Aleppo: Rift Widening among Terrorist Groups over Syrian Army’s Takeover of Handarat Camp

UN Envoy for Syria Has No Plans to Resign as it ‘Would Signal’ Syrians Abandoned

Washington ‘Deliberately Sabotages’ Russia-US Agreement on Syria

Syria’s return to peaceful life has become almost an impossible task, Russian envoy to UN – Churkin

BREAKING: ALL OUT FIGHT FOR ALEPPO BEGINS – SAA Major Offensive – complete report

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22 09 2016



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