“My ELF Weapon” Worth a Revisit

1 10 2015

2013 –
‘My ELF Weapon’: More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons

Discussion that would have instantly caused anyone involved to be labeled a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ even a few weeks ago has now made its way into the mainstream media.

Following reports that suspected Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis had called police just weeks before the mass shooting in D.C. to claim he was the victim of gangstalking and a target of microwave energy weapons that left him hearing voices and unable to sleep, now reports are surfacing that the military contractor had carved “My ELF Weapon” and “Better off this way” into the stock of his shotgun prior to the shootings.

(more) http://truthstreammedia.com/2013/09/19/my-elf-weapon-more-proof-navy-yard-shooter-targeted-with-mind-control-weapons/

China Explosion Again – Deadly “Parcel Bombs” in Liuzhou

30 09 2015

L.A. Times Parcel bombs rock southern Chinese county, killing 7, injuring 50

Explosions rocked a shopping mall, a county government office, a supermarket, a hospital and about a dozen other locations in the southern Chinese county of Liucheng on Wednesday, killing at least seven people and injuring more than 50, local media reports said.

The blasts – which damaged buildings and overturned cars — were apparently caused by parcels that began detonating shortly before 4 p.m., a local police official told state-run China Central Television.

Up to 60 other suspicious packages were identified and were being turned over to the local bomb squad for investigation, state-run media said. Police sent text messages to local residents not to open packages. . . . (more)


Chaos and concern as 7 killed after 15 letter bombs eplodes in China

BEIJING, Oct 1 — Seven people were killed yesterday when 15 letter bombs exploded in southern China, state media said, with blasts reported in multiple locations including government offices.

Police described the blasts, which injured 51 people on the eve of China’s national day, as a “criminal case”, ruling out a “terrorist act”

They said a 33-year-old local suspect had been arrested but gave no immediate explanations regarding his motive. . .

. . . Pictures showed portions of six-storey buildings gutted and collapsed, and streets littered with glass, bricks and other debris. . . . (more)



LINK – http://youtu.be/KO6y8ka-rXw

LINK – http://youtu.be/6DtPfZdi4SQ

LINK – http://youtu.be/fxDi1GXcHVQ

LINK – http://youtu.be/Xg4aUkaXj84

LINK – http://youtu.be/bUcGW9PLTAs

LINK – http://youtu.be/MH9DNoeKIP8

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Super High Radiation in Midwest

29 09 2015

This is from Bob Nichols –

Your Radiation This Week No 23

Sept 19 to Sept 26, 2015 –


(San Francisco) Sept 26, 2015 – Thousands of nuclear savvy people know about the recently unleashed nuclear terror and no one says a word. No one in authority has breathed a word about the event yet. In a nutshell, here’s what happened: A powerful nuclear pulse was created somewhere in the upper Midwest and spread a radioactive wave front outward hundreds of miles across America’s Heartland. The pulse was recorded with yet another Thousand Point increase at the few active and published radiation stations with an unmistakable signature. God have Mercy.

Bob Nichols

— more plus city counts: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/09/26/your-radiation-this-week-no-23/

(comments are worth reading too – FC)

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Our opinionthe flooding in Japan’s east coast caused much more contaminated water and bagged contaminated soil/debris to get into the Pacific. Some say there was deliberate water release and trash dumping under the disguise of the storm.

But … many know that and this midwest thing could be a separate event.

Debt Bomb Makes Nuke War Threat Closer

27 09 2015

LINK – http://youtu.be/9JikNM80uEg

LINK – http://youtu.be/4LpWU48UzHo

Zero HedgePaul Craig Roberts Warns “The Entire World May Go Down The Tubes Together”

Washington’s IQ follows the Fed’s interest rate – it is negative. Washington is a black hole into which all sanity is sucked out of government deliberations.

Washington’s failures are everywhere visible. We can see the failures in Washington’s wars and in Washington’s approach to China and Russia.


Webster Tarpley Exposes Carly Fiorina’s Fake Biography + More

25 09 2015

From his website –
GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina Born Cara Carleton Sneed Unmasked as Top Spook, Pathological Liar and Protegée of NSA and CIA Boss Michael Hayden; Carly Holds Top Secret Security Clearance; Downsizing and Runaway Shop Queen Attended Posh London Private School; Father Was Elitist Dean of Duke University Law School and Federal Appellate Judge; Claim She Started as Secretary Is a Tissue of Lies; Her Candidacy Raises Issue of Intelligence Community Asset in the White House

“Fiorina’s father was Joseph Tyree Sneed, III who would become the dean of Duke University School of Law, a Deputy Attorney General, and a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Readers are reminded that the only judicial level higher than the circuit appellate court is the Supreme Court; this would make Carly’s father an incredibly influential and well-connected individual. Carly went to the posh all-girls Channing School in London and then to Stanford University. It is likely that Carly’s story of starting as a humble secretary came as a result of her father pressuring her to taking up a job with Kelly Girls, which she did during the summer as a student at Stanford. After dropping out of law school at UCLA and she moved on to business school and then to her well publicized career as an asset stripper and wrecker of companies like Lucent and Hewlett-Packard.”

lots more: http://tarpley.net/carly-fiorina-unmasked-as-top-spook-pathological-liar-and-protegee-of-nsa-and-cia-boss-hayden/

More Dirt:

Carly Fiorina’s troubling telecom past

(Fortune) Lucent and its major competitors all started goosing sales by lending money to their customers. In a neat bit of accounting magic, money from the loans began to appear on Lucent’s income statement as new revenue while the dicey debt got stashed on its balance sheet as an allegedly solid asset…

Soon after Fiorina left, the company began to collapse. Eventually its shares crashed to less than $1 and in 2006 the company merged with Alcatel…

Much of the decline in Lucent’s stock price was inevitable—a mania for all telecom investments in the late 1990s raised shares in every big telecom equipment maker to irrational heights. Yet it’s hard to shake the feeling that the company’s wild pursuit of growth gave it much further to fall.

Carly Fiorina’s $4 Billion Job Scam at Hewlett-Packard

(Michael Daly, The Daily Beast) As CEO, she lobbied for a tax holiday on corporate profits to create jobs. Instead, the money was used to buy back stock while HP fired 14,500 workers.

Yale professor on Carly Fiorina’s business record: She ‘destroyed half the wealth of her investors yet still earned almost $100 million’

(Julie Bort, Business Insider) Fiorina better be careful because her biggest business achievement, CEO of Hewlett-Packard, is widely regarded as a disaster.

She has been frequently called out as one of the “worst” CEOs.

In an article about worst CEOs in USA Today in 2005, Yale business Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld said that Fiorina was “the worst because of her ruthless attack on the essence of this great company. … She destroyed half the wealth of her investors and yet still earned almost $100 million in total payments for this destructive reign of terror.”

Black Mark for Fiorina Campaign in Criticizing Yale Dean

(New York Times) Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, an associate dean at the Yale School of Management and an expert on corporate leadership … [has] a long history of colorful criticism of Mrs. Fiorina…  His criticism has been similar to those offered by many business analysts and journalists: that Mrs. Fiorina increased the overall size of H.P. by expanding in unprofitable businesses, which caused profits to shrink and shareholder value to decline…

Mrs. Fiorina’s campaign responded with a personal attack against Mr. Sonnenfeld.

“I’ll give Sonnenfeld this: He would know something about getting fired,” wrote Sarah Isgur Flores, Mrs. Fiorina’s deputy campaign manager, in an email to reporters. “Of course, his was for vandalism of school property while he was at Emory.”

But that accusation does not hold up…

Emory withdrew its vandalism allegations 15 years ago.

Fiorina’s Unsupported Claim about VA Deaths

(FactCheck.org) Carly Fiorina on several occasions has said 307,000 veterans have died while waiting for care from the Veterans Health Administration. In one instance, she said all of those veterans “died in the last year,” citing a recent inspector general’s report. But that’s not what the report says.

The VA Office of the Inspector General report said 307,173 of nearly 867,000 pending VA applications belonged to individuals who died. But poor record-keeping made it impossible to say how many of them died while waiting for care or how many of them even applied for care.

The report also said 84 percent of those who died, or 258,367 individuals, died more than four years ago — not last year.

Fiorina reinvents another story

(Undernews) Tim Mak, Daily Beast – When presidential candidate Carly Fiorina warns about Vladimir Putin’s charm, and wit, she’s speaking from experience. In the early days of the Russian leader’s presidency, Fiorina hailed him as an agent of positive change after meeting with him briefly at a conference of global business leaders—a far departure from the tough-on-Putin image she has presented on the campaign trail.

Carly Fiorina’s Planned Parenthood lies get a giant pass from the media

(Laura Clawson, Daily Kos) Fiorina vividly described scenes from an anti-Planned Parenthood video, only the scenes she described don’t actually exist, as far as anyone can tell.

According to CNN, this fabrication was ”true but misleading.” Except for the part where it was false. The New York Times has a special take on it as well, headlined Carly Fiorina Said to Exaggerate Content of Planned Parenthood Video. Said to?

Planned Parenthood: Carly Fiorina cooks up fake video to ‘prove’ her lies

(Joan McCarter, Daily Kos) According to a press release from Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), Fiorina’s campaign created [a] fake video “in an attempt to support her lies.”

Even with all of the editing and splicing Fiorina’s team has done with the footage used in this video, “it doesn’t show what you have claimed,” Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President of PPFA writes Fiorina. “Simply put, the video you described at the debate does not exist, and the video you’re now asking people to watch is not what you claim it is.” Laguens asks Fiorina in the letter to take down the video.

Pope Address U.S. Congress – Tells World’s Top Arms Dealers to End Arms Trade

25 09 2015

From Dandelion Salad

Pope Tells World’s Top Arms Dealers to End Arms Trade by David Swanson + Pope Francis’ Speech to Congress + Transcript

“Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society? Sadly, the answer, as we all know, is simply for money: money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood. In the face of this shameful and culpable silence, it is our duty to confront the problem and to stop the arms trade.” – Pope Francis


Dan Froomkin – Pope Decries “Shameful and Culpable Silence” on Arms Sales “Drenched in Innocent Blood”

” . . . a healthy chunk of those [U.S.] arms sales — especially to Israel and Egypt — are heavily subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

Congress, which could have blocked any of this, went along happily — in no small part because of the approximately $150 million a year the defense industry spends on lobbying and direct campaign contributions.”


The United States Leads Upward Trend in Arms Exports, Asian and Gulf States Arms Imports Up – SIPRI

Stockholm, 16 March 2015 (SIPRI)* – The United States has taken a firm lead as the major arms exporter globally, according to new data on international arms transfers published today by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). Overall, the volume of international transfers of major conventional weapons grew by 16 per cent between 2005–2009 and 2010–14.


BANNED from the Web: Pope Francis Alludes to WW3 in Havana Speech

20 09 2015

Yesterday Pope Francis arrived in Havana and was welcomed at the airport by the president  (Castro brother). Both speeches were broadcast live but CNN and possibly others cut out the sound when the pontiff strayed from the script. It was broadcast without interference on religious broadcast channels with English translation. Probably the “live” broadcast was delayed enough to censor his astonishing remarks.

Both speeches were short.

Today, you would expect to see the whole ceremony with English subtitles or translation on You Tube without much trouble. But it is nowhere to be found. The broadcasters aren’t even showing it and major newspapers aren’t linking to it.

Here is the text of the speech  (Sept. 19, 2015 in Havana)

Mr President,
Distinguished Authorities,
Brother Bishops,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I thank you, Mr President, for your greeting and your kind words of welcome in the name of the government and the entire Cuban people. I also greet the authorities and the members of the diplomatic corps present at this ceremony.
My gratitude also goes to Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino, Archbishop of Havana, the Most Reverend Dionisio Guillermo García Ibáñez, Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba and President of the Episcopal Conference, the other bishops and all the Cuban people, for their warm welcome.
I thank, too, all those who worked to prepare for this Pastoral Visit. Mr President, I would ask you to convey my sentiments of particular respect and consideration to your brother Fidel. I would like my greeting to embrace especially all those who, for various reasons, I will not be able to meet, and to Cubans throughout the world.
This year of 2015 marks the eightieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Republic of Cuba and the Holy See.
Providence today enables me to come to this beloved nation, following the indelible path opened by the unforgettable apostolic journeys which my two predecessors, Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI, made to this island. I know that the memory of those visits awakens gratitude and affection in the people and leaders of Cuba. Today we renew those bonds of cooperation and friendship, so that the Church can continue to support and encourage the Cuban people in its hopes and concerns, with the freedom, the means and the space needed to bring the proclamation of the Kingdom to the existential peripheries of society.
This Apostolic Journey also coincides with the first centenary of Pope Benedict XV’s declaration of our Lady of Charity of El Cobre as Patroness of Cuba. It was the veterans of the War of Independence who, moved by sentiments of faith and patriotism, wanted the Virgen mambisa to be the patroness of Cuba as a free and sovereign nation. 
Since that time she has accompanied the history of the Cuban people, sustaining the hope which preserves people’s dignity in the most difficult situations and championing the promotion of all that gives dignity to the human person. The growing devotion to the Virgin is a visible testimony of her presence in the soul of the Cuban people. 
In these days I will have occasion to go to El Cobre, as a son and pilgrim, to pray to our Mother for all her Cuban children and for this beloved nation, that it may travel the paths of justice, peace, liberty and reconciliation.
Geographically, Cuba is an archipelago, facing all directions, with an extraordinary value as a “key” between north and south, east and west. Its natural vocation is to be a point of encounter for all peoples to join in friendship, as José Martí dreamed, “regardless of the languages of isthmuses and the barriers of oceans” (La Conferencia Monetaria de las Repúblicas de América, in Obras escogidas II, La Habana, 1992, 505). 
Such was also the desire of Saint John Paul II, with his ardent appeal: “May Cuba, with all its magnificent potential, open itself to the world, and may the world open itself to Cuba” (Arrival Ceremony, 21 January 1998, 5).
For some months now, we have witnessed an event which fills us with hope: the process of normalizing relations between two peoples following years of estrangement. It is a sign of the victory of the culture of encounter and dialogue, “the system of universal growth” over “the forever-dead system of groups and dynasties” (José Martí, loc. cit.). I urge political leaders to persevere on this path and to develop all its potentialities as a proof of the high service which they are called to carry out on behalf of the peace and well-being of their peoples, of all America, and as an example of reconciliation for the entire world. The world needs reconciliation, as it experiences an atmosphere of a third world war that’s happening in stages. 
I place these days under the protection of our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, Blessed Olallo Valdés and Blessed José López Pietreira, and Venerable Félix Varela, the great promoter of love between Cubans and all peoples, so that our bonds of peace, solidarity and mutual respect may ever increase.
Once again, thank you, Mr. President

EWTN (religious tv)  commentators indicated just before WW3 reference that he was off script as I am sure they had an advance copy of prepared remarks.
Here is the speech (no translation):