Q: Why is Limerick Nuke Plant in PA so Scrupulous about Handing Out Potassium Pills?

14 07 2018

Feb. 2017 – People in Limerick nuclear power plant threat zone urged to re-up on anti-radiation pills

July 2018 – County officials giving away potassium iodide tablets

Limerick nuke plant was intentionally built on a FAULT

Nuke Officials Knew Of Fault Upon Licensing PlantThree faults were documented when the Limerick nuclear plant was planned over 30 years ago.

LINK – https://youtu.be/71HJsNEMfrk



How Sophisticated Psychology is Utilized to Exploit Minors Playing Online Games

14 07 2018

We got a big lesson in B. F. Skinner’s reinforcement behavior playing a popular computer game, World of Tanks. This is a very popular computer game played online for a modest ‘start’ fee but it quickly kites up into a tremendous amount of real money paid to child-exploiting sharks.

Variable ratio schedule and slot machine lure: B. F. Skinner reinforcement behavior

LINK – https://youtu.be/6Ofbt16AJgg

 Once the mark fools around with the ‘game’ x-amount of hours and is invested in the platform, vocabulary, conversations and minimal ‘rewards’ the ‘play’ gets serious.
The game makers count on uncritical-thinking users to go to a pay-for-thing on sale in a retail web-page to advance to mythical next level of play after paying 10 to 100 USD. 

This is real money paid online to obtain x,y,z UNREAL item in the game universe.
The more hours invested by the mark the more likely the mark is to be compelled to spend real money on unreal goods offered.

Like a slot machine, it’s all a scam based on unpredictable “rewards”.
At least the slot machine pays out some cash. The games just give
online ‘perks’ to suckers who dole out huge amounts of cash to keep up.

Lots  of hazards await the unwary on-line adult player. We can assume children are even more helpless prey for exploiters and malicious software engineers lurking in cyberspace. Besides an online connection to play, there is a forum where users are strongly encouraged to give up a cell phone number(!) – just asking for security breaches on multiple levels as ‘partners’ always get this information too. 

Do parents of teens playing this game, World of Tanks, know anything about the chat ‘partners’ who access live data and personal information from all users? Here are a few, just associated with the chat feature in World of Tanks.

Let’s check Overwolf’s legal terms – they claim the feature is only for ages 18 and over (scroll to bottom) – www.overwolf.com/legal/ .

 These games aren’t intended for teens and pre-teens are they?


We don’t mean to pick on WoT, they are just typical of the more popular on-line game companies.

Most adults wouldn’t allow a minor child to visit a gambling website (where they might occasionally receive money) but they sure are allowing them to gamble on simulation ‘games’ where no money is ever bounced back. 


Another Industrial Explosion in China – Yibin City, in Sichuan province

13 07 2018

Sputnik – An explosion has ripped through industrial zone in China’s Sichuan, leaving 19 dead, according to local media.

Reuters – Seven explosions in 10 minutes: China chemical plant blast kills 19

LINK – https://youtu.be/7gdS1gRAo7A


Thai Navy Seal Saman Gunan is Laid to Rest

11 07 2018

LINK –  https://youtu.be/YkOHIcHumUI

LINK – https://youtu.be/aoPWAP-d3lA

The body of former Navy Seal Petty Officer 1st class Saman Gunan who died helping save the 13 people trapped in Tham Luang cave is taken to the Sattahip naval base in Chon Buri on Friday.  PHOTOS

Thai Cave Rescue Being Completed NOW – ALL OUT SAFE

10 07 2018


LIVE BLOG from ABC Australia gives details as remaining boys come out. Presumably the coach will come out last (soon) :

“Divers have rescued three more boys from a flooded cave in Thailand’s north, with just two members of the Wild Boars soccer team now still inside as the rescue operation enters its final phase.”

12th boy and coach still making their way to safety. The rest are safe (staging area or ambulance).

LINK – https://youtu.be/MUjE7D5dSYw


LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JF-6RzBNHk

Obviously this artist was impressed with the brave boys’ drama – look at this fantastic sculpture whipped up in just days – from SpringNews


Earlier news – see next post + comments.


RESCUE IS UNDERWAY – Amazing Flex-Pipe Solution for Trapped Thai Soccer Team in the Cave

7 07 2018

This may be underway now. Thailand has a time delay on news stories from the site. As water is rising and weather worsens it is rumored the rescue effort has hurried up.

LINK –  https://youtu.be/T7Gv7e4THPo

Thai cave rescue underway to free 12 trapped boys and their coach

LIVE COVERAGE (Thai language tv)

More news will go in comments 

If Hurricane Rain Hits Hawaii Volcano Lava . . . .

26 06 2018

We see when Hawaii’s volcano lava hits the sea/water it forms deadly clouds of  poisonous steam.

We are watching tropical storm Daniel – SE from Hawaii – 5 days out or so. It may diminish – but hurricane season has just started.


POST-TROPICAL CYCLONE DANIEL – Interactive Map (has Hawaii very hard to see!)

When a hurricane or tropical storm forms huge amounts of sea water are picked up into the air. 

Thanks to K.M. for the news tip – 😉