Grenfell Tower fallout: over 200 blocks of flats “at risk of collapse”

16 08 2017

LINK – – UK: Residents march against social cleansing by Newham Labour council

“Newham Council is removing residents in Carpenters in order to give the land to private developers for luxury private schemes. The council is also refusing to house the homeless in the Carpenters Estate even though there are 400 vacant houses available.”

Horrific Employers, Amazon and Foxconn, Invade Wisconsin to Feed Off the Bones of the Once-Working Class

16 08 2017

WSWS.orgAmazon and Foxconn in Kenosha, Wisconsin: The new American “special economic zone”
By Christopher Davion

“The opening of operations at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2015 was a major early step in an economic transformation underway in the southeastern Wisconsin. Amazon, Foxconn, and other massive companies are taking advantage of the devastation wrought on this region over several decades of deindustrialization, to develop the area into a platform for low-wage labor.

On Wednesday, July 26, the Trump administration together with Governor Scott Walker and Representative Paul Ryan announced that Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant which assembles the Apple iPhone and is the largest technology manufacturing contractor in the world, will be constructing a 20-million-square-foot factory in the southeastern Wisconsin region that would employ up to 13,000 workers. . . . “

“Foxconn, which generated approximately $135 billion in revenue in 2016, is notorious for its horrific working conditions and record on-the-job employee suicides at its operations in Shenzhen, China. The $10 billion investment is expected to receive $3 billion in tax subsidies and include plans to build a virtual city with company housing and stores, effectively turning the region much further into an American version of the “special economic zones” that exist in third world countries.”

STORY: is one of the more banned websites under the “new” G00gle.

Guccifer: Hillary Is A High Priestess Of The Illuminati

14 08 2017

Big breaking news (verified)
from Guccifer (#1) in jail now in Romania telling Fox News about Hillary –

Guccifer: Hillary Clinton Is A High Priestess Of The Illuminati



Entire sordid summary here –

Guccifer: Hillary Clinton is a high priest in satanic shadow group

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All About the EMP Attack Drill Coming Aug. 23 – Operation Black Sky

13 08 2017

Operation Black Sky: NOT a False Flag Event, But …

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council is an NGO, not a government agency or czarship.

The Electric Infrastructure Security Council [PDF]:

Black Sky Hazard Coordination and Planning
Managing Emerging Catastrophic Risks to Lifeline Infrastructures

2015 article – Threats to Electric Power Grid Could Result in “Black Sky Days”

“The societal impact of a “Black Sky Day”—a term used by electric infrastructure security experts when discussing a collapse of the North American power grid—would be devastating, according to Dr. Daniel Baker, distinguished professor of Planetary and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, Boulder.”


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Opinion: It looks like these electric infrastructure security “experts” created a new threat to talk about, hold conferences about and extort money from billionaire energy bosses with. Just like FEMA was useless after Katrina, if there ever is some EMP attack these guys will be nowhere to be seen. They will probably go by private jet to some hangout in the Bahamas with all the loot they bag from these conferences.

Thanks to a reader for sending this tip in – F.C.

The Jet Stream is Nuts

10 08 2017



The Washington Post pooh-pooh’s Beckwith’s claims . . . but they seem not to notice the iceberg the size of Norfolk broke off Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf and southern Europe is on fire.



4.8M Quakes Off Oregon Coast

10 08 2017






Hanford – (8-9) Radioactive plutonium and americium escape

9 08 2017

Radioactive plutonium and americium have been found in air samples collected where workers enter the secure area of the Hanford nuclear reservation in southeastern Washington, state health officials said Tuesday.

The Hanford public info website lies and says nothing happened.


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