Fukushima to RESTART monster nuke plant

25 05 2023

Post-Fukushima Shift: Japan Court Rejects Citizens’ Concerns, Paving Way For Nuclear Power Restart


“…Sendai District Court in northeastern Japan has ruled Tohoku Electric Power can restart the No. 2 unit of the Onagawa plant early next year.”


Earlier post: Fukushima Catastrophe 10 Years On – ho-hum from media

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Dana Durnford’s Crime: Telling the TRUTH about Nukes

Academics Under the TEPCO Spell ($$$$) 

 Fukushima: Impact Of Fallout On OceansPart 1Part 2

An ensemble estimation of impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America
HAN, G. et al., Science China Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg August 2013, Vol.56, No.8: 1447–1451.
Read it here:

GE – The Little Engine That Could – – – Destroy Humankind!


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Watching California’s Stressed Dams

21 05 2023

Readers here know we are following the California/Nevada snow melt and the big amount of water coming to CA dams.

See newer comments to our 2021 post, Watching the giagundous snow pack north of Oroville Dam

Shasta Dam Is Starting To Leak Water As The Lake Reach Full Capacity

LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy3d3eJmGZU






People are rising up – Richard Vobes

20 05 2023





Merck Partnered with Moderna in 2019 to Vaccinate America’s Farms Using mRNA Technology

25 04 2023

Environmental Health Watch NZ

From mercola.com. As previously noted Dr Mercola’s posts have a 48 hour limit then they are archived to subbed readers. The article is reproduced here in its entirety, with no source link. If you are interested in his articles you can sub for free and each has a link halfway down the article to download in pdf form. Finally, beware they are weaponizing your food. And have been doing so for some time. EWR

Story at-a-glance

  • For the last couple of years, I’ve recommended not eating pork due to its high linoleic acid (LA) content, but there’s an even bigger reason to avoid it now. Since 2018, pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based “vaccines” on their herds
  • The very first RNA-based livestock vaccine, a swine influenza (H3N2) RNA shot licensed in 2012, was developed by Harrisvaccines. The company followed up with an avian influenza mRNA shot in 2015. Harrisvaccines…

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Sleepy Joe kicks off re-election “campaign” with spiffy website

25 04 2023


We checked out the new website JoeBiden.com


Gag gifts: https://shop.joebiden.com/

They were too lazy to think up any re-elect products so they just show old stuff! 😂








Why Most Confused Neo-Nazi Anders Breivik Finally Went on the Rampage In Norway

18 04 2023

In the news ….

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by Trowbridge H. Ford

Without doubt, the most destructive, recent ‘false flag’ operation has been the ‘sleeper cell’ one that the Mossad put together to entrap neo-Nazis wanting memorabilia of Hitler’s regime – particularly pieces of the entrance sign to the Auschwitz concenteration camp – to help fianance attacks on governments which were not doing enough for Israel.(1)

It became an utter fiasco when transfer middleman turned whistleblower, Anders Högström, induced  the terrible blowback from Anders Brevik in Norway. He turned deadly on the authorities who had aided and abetted its efforts without real results up until then, killing 77 of the up-and-coming supporters of Norway’s government by bombing Oslo’s government center, and then shooting Labor youths being indoctrinated to take over on a nearby island. 
The attacks were more deadly and destructive of Israeli interests than the so-called Lavon affair where agents of the Israeli Defence Force…

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6.0 M Quake on Cascadia Subduction Zone

14 04 2023

Off Vancouver –


The recent quakes on the zone are at the comments on this post.

CBC – Medium-sized earthquake off Vancouver Island lightly felt along West Coast


LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tn8fAy_hRBY