Holiday Intermission – the Bee Gees

22 12 2021

The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart

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Watching the giagundous snow pack north of Oroville Dam

21 12 2021

The Watchers
Sierra snowpack jumps from 19 to 98 percent in just 7 days, U.S.

Snowpack over the Sierra has increased dramatically in just 7 days after a series of storms affected the region last week. The sudden change gives California its wettest start to the Water Year (October 1 – September 30) in more than 40 years. A new series of Pacific storms will bring periods of heavy low elevation rain and mountain snow to much of the western U.S. through the Christmas weekend. Isolated urban and small stream flooding impacts will be possible along the immediate West Coast and into portions of the Central Valley in California this week.” . . .  (more)




JFK assassination records sanitized by the CIA released

15 12 2021

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JFK Assassination Records – 2021 Additional Documents Release






Many Noticing the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial has Wimpy Prosecution

15 12 2021

BREAKING! Huge quake swarm on Cascadia Subduction Zone (Washington State, US) << AGAIN!

8 12 2021

Big 5.3  on top of many others just now —-

USGS Live Data Map


Dec. 20 –

6.2 quake off N. CA

Plus a swarm of quakes on the Cascadia Subduction Zone . . .

No tsunami warning …




Evil TEPCO plans more evil …. ☢

7 12 2021


(Dec. 4) –

Japan Prepares to Pollute the Pacific With Fukushima Radiation Water Dump


 2016 – Fukushima Radiation Entering the Pacific






Biden talks up Covid omicron so-called variant as worldwide elite pedo-ring trial starts in New York

29 11 2021



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