Air Force Academy caught pumping up h1n1 numbers

20 07 2009

[ from the excellent cryptome site ]

This morning the CDC announced infection numbers that are an utter and complete fantasy, and they have been now caught red handed lying to the public, and endangering public welfare for political gain.

Colorado for example had a minimum of 67 newly reported cases two weeks ago (and publicly reported by the Air Force early this week), but the CDC shows that they only increased by 9. So either the Air Force is completely lying, and the staff at the Air Force Academy is lying, or the CDC is lying. These numbers from the Air Force Academy outbreak provide an excellent ethical touchstone and control case as the Academy is somewhat isolated, the students are confined, in extremely good health (before becoming deathly ill), and the Air Force, and in turn the Air Force Academy has an ethical/political nightmare on their hands. If the staff at the Air Force Academy is in fact lying, then there is an extreme issue with ethics, and thus a huge honor problem…. (more)



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24 07 2009

Are you saying USAFA is lying? Why would they? My brother is there and he says there are a ton of people sick there right now. There is no way USAFA would make up something like this, esp at a time when all the new cadets have just arrived and are going through BCT! No point…


25 07 2009

Can be CDC or USAF. Oh yes they can lie … (the military in general). See Gulf War vaccine scandal that has thousands ill today with uncounted birth defects.
See unprotected toxic waste burning by troops in Gulf War I & II.
The suspicion about this flu has to do with the drug profits and profiteers.
Former Reagan admin. people hold key positions with MITRE ( and they had papers about mass flu and profit opportunities floating all through the 90’s. Rumsfeld is a key investor in Tamiflu maker

The Flu Page at legit gov has been following this since before it was a ‘story’

The mild flu has origins in bio weapons research in my opinion (see legit gov).

A flurry of new reports at

But USAF story here may be more about the CDC reporting than USAF reporting cases. If yr brother is there and can give update on amount of h1n1 cases (as opposed to general flu that usually gores around) have him send you a note and post it here. It will be interesting follow up. — F.C.


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