Scholars: Obama Admin’s Statements Endanger Lives of Hondurans

21 07 2009
Obama Administration’s Statements Endanger Lives of Hondurans

Over 55 Organizations and Scholars Call on Obama Administration to Warn Honduran Regime Against Further Violence

By Dan Beeton

WASHINGTON – July 20 – 56 representatives of organizations and academic experts on Latin America and scholars issued the following statement today:

The Obama administration’s recent statements are endangering the lives of Hondurans, including the president Manuel Zelaya. From the Wall Street Journal, July 18, 2009:

“A senior U.S. official said Friday the Obama administration continues to stress to Mr. Zelaya its opposition to him trying to return. The official said Washington fears another attempt by Mr. Zelaya could reignite political tensions while undercutting efforts to find a negotiated settlement. ‘Zelaya is well aware of our position,” the official said.'”

Such statements are very disturbing, especially combined with the fact that the administration has not issued a single warning to the coup government, which has already shot and killed peaceful demonstrators, that such human rights abuses are unacceptable…. (more)

[ With the US supplying all of the arms and training to this group of thugs who have seized power there it seems shallow to pretend this isn’t a US sponsored coup — F C ]



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21 07 2009

try following this link


maybe find an answer


21 07 2009

[ link seems to not work ] I think the anwer is for US (Obama) to withhold military ‘aid’ (45 mil per year) until real president return. They could also use the 5,000 US ‘advisors’ (troops) there. They could provide food to this starving country intead of millitary equipment.

The Flying Cuttlefish is highly influenced by “The Open Veins of Latin America” by Eduado Galeano

Notice in this starving country how well decked out the ‘police’ (goon squads) are. All of the regalia sported at the CAFTA in Miami. From the same vendors, no doubt.

Do respond with better url here — C.F.


22 07 2009

oops sorry

try this


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