HAITI: geophysics or WMD at work?

21 01 2010

The unusually focused ‘earthquake’ in Haiti seems remarkably spot on for destroying the government there.  It seems eerily similar to this bit I just read on http://codshit.com

America was understandably most eager to hide the means by which it had wrought these disasters, what it had achieved by them, and the massive collateral destruction which had resulted in a most false, self-serving way to its biggest global challenger and its most self-assured ally. Beijing wanted a similar cover up to hide the process by which it had opened itself up to this most damaging strategic setback to its nuclear deterrent, the personnel responsible for making them, and the means of delivering them at the hands of the Americans, one whose consequences would plague the regime for years to come. The Burmese junta had been taught that its insulated relationship with China was a two-way street which could result in terrible consequences, and leave it with no recourse if it or its patrons stepped unduly on the toes of America’s empire.

Washington was eager to portray the cyclone and earthquake as simply natural disasters which neither Myanmar nor Beijing had properly anticipated and prepared for – unlike what Bangladesh and Thailand had down in the wake of Indian Ocean tsunamis, and Iran had done after the 1990, 2003 and 2006 earthquakes. The Bush administration concentrated on reporting the thousands of children killed in the disasters, especially those 8,000 or so killed when eight schools around Mianyang were simply crushed by falling rock. There was no account of the 80,000 others who died when their offices, living quarters, testing laboratories, nuclear manufacturing and storage plants, rocket launching sites, etc., were simply swallowed up or smashed in the ensuing collapse of the whole area. And these were among the most skilled people China had in making, testing and producing its strategic arms, the core of its whole defense establishment….(more)


Trowbridge H. Ford writes in detail in America’s Man-Made Disasters.

Also it seems incredible that the US media ignores the prior US invasions of Haiti and the huge debt Haiti still pays for those illegal acts. Invasions, massacres, embargoes and election rigging are all absent in the “reporting” on Haiti.


Haiti, Guns or Food? (video)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_gs7f-o2Ec&feature=player_embedded

Too Little, Too Late: Human Solidarity & Haiti’s Disaster http://www.kabobfest.com/2010/01/too-little-too-late-human-solidarity-haitis-disaster.html

Chomsky on US/Haiti relations http://www.chomsky.info/articles/20040309.htm

From the SF Bay View:

Are they that sick? Did U.S. weather weapon destroy Haiti?

by Junious Ricardo Stanton

Immediately following the “earthquake” that hit Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, I started seeing reports that the earthquake was not a random occurrence or happenstance. These were the same rumblings I heard following Hurricane Katrina.

After the devastation of Katrina I started seeing reports about HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research. I did some research and discovered HAARP is an extremely high frequency radio transmitter military operation located in Alaska and Puerto Rico. HAARP is a military project both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force have signed on to for conducting experiments and tests using high frequency electromagnetic waves. . . (more)




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