Fukushima NEWS Here

3 05 2011


We are keeping up with Fukushima.

Info, links  etc. on Osama bin-Forgotten, 9-11 truth are already well covered by good blogs.

 SEE prior post for that.

You may find radiation monitoring sites worldwide (many in real-time) at What the Flying Cuttlefish Knows section of this blog.

In that page there is a great link with many international monitoring sites linked. It is from http://thetruthbehindthescenes.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/radiation-and-jetstream-forecast-update-april-2-usa-canada-mexico-and-europe-fukushima-forecast-videos/
from Truth Behind the Scenes.

GOOGLE is STILL blocking all Fukushima stories from their “Top Stories” section. You have to search using key word: “Fukushima”.  Google worked hard to hide the foul up at the Nebraska (US) nuke site yesterday.  Aggggg!!



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17 06 2011
John Hodgson

I assume that the cuttlefish is aware that here in south australia in the upper spencer gulf is a major breeding ground for the giant cuttlefish. why is this topical? because BHP billiton are wanting to build a desalination plant next to the breeding ground in order to supply fresh water to what will be ,if Oz lets it go ahead ,the largest open cut mine in the world with a major focus on uranium extraction,if it passes the EPA process(chuckle)


John Hodgson


17 06 2011

That’s terrible news! We need to contact our chums the reef octopi to come clog those pipes up!
Seriously the best thing to do is rally/organize public support against it. At least provide info on a better, less fragile site for the operation. Then publicize, publicize, publicize.

Maybe create a blog devoted to the effort so it can get zoomed around the internet by tweets, links etc.
Never forget the 1981 success of “the Welsh group “Women for Life on Earth” [who] arrived on Greenham Common, Berkshire, England. They marched from Cardiff with the intention of challenging, by debate, the decision to site 96 Cruise nuclear missiles there.” AND THEY WON!


27 09 2013

Fish this is a very active site for all types of information out of Scotland … I think!



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