Fukushima Twilight Zone – 3 Items

24 05 2011

YOU DECIDE – Was it HAARP (US military attack on Japan)???

NSA virus “Stuxnet” hacked Fukushima before HAARP caused earthquake?

It can now be reported that the four nuclear reactors in Japan (one facing a meltdown) had their computer system hacked by a NSA computer virus, “Stuxnet”, one month before the 9.0 – 9.1 earthquake and tsunami aka a meteorological “black op” hit the nation of Japan. ….

…..It was no coincidence that last week Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke announced that the QE2 program aka the purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds will end on June 30th. The massive earthquake in Japan now opens the way for the Central Bank of Japan to begin printing millions of Japanese yen on a nightly basis (the Central Bank of Japan just printed 15 trillion of yen). The yen, with the assistance of the Federal Reserve itself, will then be laundered through the forex currency exchange and converted into U.S. dollars. This currency disguise aka ponzi scheme will then be jointly used by the Central Bank of Japan and the U.S. Federal Reserve to continue to roll over their toxic assets aka derivatives that still pollute the world banking system. ….


This is interesting (but weird) –

LINK – http://youtu.be/XpKbQG81MqM

Were reactor components taken off site before the disaster?

LINK – http://youtu.be/avZiU5u8g2Q



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8 06 2011
Fukushikma, Japan Update for June 8, 2011 « flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] added another weird item to our Fukushima Twilight Zone page. A vid that says nuke reactor was removed (sold?) and the containment building blown up to hide the […]


8 06 2011
lisa begg

why is the rest of the world allowing Japan to belch its contamination into the ocean and into the whole world atmosphere? Shouldn’t they be forced to build containers and store their waste on their own territory? Where are the UN?? Where is Obama? Could this have anything to do with the billions the US owes Japan? Is it about money? My children are worth more than any money you could ever reap; aren’t yours???? WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!


10 06 2011

And where are major nations in challenging this awful action by Japan???
It shows which countries are OWNED by multi-national corporations and imperialists in general.
It all ties in to invasion of N. Africa somehow.
Shame on Japan for not stopping TEPCO!


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