Rupert Murdoch on the Lamb! Defies Summons . . . UPDATED

14 07 2011

Hides behind his US ‘citizenship’ —

Murdochs defy parliament in phone hack inquiry 

LONDON (AP) — Media titan Rupert Murdoch and his son James refused Thursday to appear in public next week before a parliamentary committee investigating phone hacking and bribery by employees of their British media empire, whose chief executive said that she would address the committee.

The chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport committee said it had issued summonses to the Murdochs but it was unclear if Rupert Murdoch could be compelled to testify because he is a U.S. citizen. . .  (more)


He’s going to show up Tuesday to get grilled.

Phone hacking: Murdochs agree to appear before MPs

News Corporation’s Rupert and James Murdoch have agreed to appear before MPs to answer questions on the phone-hacking scandal on Tuesday. . . .

List of Murdoch’s News Corporation’s Major Holdings

News International’s contribution to the Murdoch empire (chart)

The media ‘lie factory’ exposed

the Murdoch Empire and its Nest of Vipers has this – 

Sports he’s part of  –
New York Knicks (20% stake through partnership with Cablevision)
New York Rangers (20% stake through partnership with Cablevision)
Los Angeles Kings (NHL, 40% option)
Los Angeles Lakes (NBA, 9.8% option)
Staples Center (40% owned by Fox/Liberty)
National Rugby League Championship (50%) – Australian football

… not to mention his FOX network has a piece of the Los Angeles Dodgers, a bid on the Olympics a chunk of Formula 1 racing etc. etc.



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