Chemtrails: Experiments with strontium and barium vapour releases

17 07 2011

You can buy the ‘HOW TO’ abstract for under $50.00 !!

Artificial strontium and barium clouds in the atmosphere

An old patent brings back chemtrails operations to sixties of XXth century. This patent concerns the spread of barium and strontium in order to cause changes in the atmosphere, by means of chemical reactions with the sunlight. The abstract quotes Sahara and Sardinia as experiments “laboratories”: it’s an important confirmation that some regions were chosen to make military tests. Today all the planet is suitable for these. . . . (more) 






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17 07 2011

Off topic the USA government is influenced by lobby groups to appoint that if you have enough money you can have anything pasted. Why is there no lobbyist that the people can support to have their need taken care of. I’m Canadian and this government is getting as bad but is behind yours. Your elected people are been bought off.
That is my view, maybe I am wrong. Food for thought


7 09 2011
HAARP Investigator Banned DUTCHSINSE VIDEO « flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] patents having to do with plasma layer making in the sky. The info on all that was posted here. If you don’t want to pay for the abstract you can gather a lot on the web with key word […]


7 09 2011

Looking at the banking scandal it seems obvious US politicians are bought and sold by lobbyists.
Our US political problem is the American Broadcasters Association pays pols not to let US airwaves, public property, belong to the public.
All community affairs and civic affairs should be televised, but this for-profit group bars the public from taking back their own airwaves!
Hence pols reliance on “contributions” (bribes) to buy expensive air time during campaigns.


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