Horrors Of US-NATO Butchery Of Libya Revealed

31 07 2011

special report to Rense

[snip] . . .  Last night, NATO bombed the Libyan Broadcasting company killing 3 civilians and injuring 15 others. They don’t like any TV here except NATO propaganda. I am attaching 2 more leaflets, NATO dropped these last week. In what alternate Universe does NATO think these people will take any advice from them? 

We were at a rally on Thursday where probably 400,000 to 500,000 people rallied behind their country and the Leader of their revolution. . . .



General’s killing sparks crisis in Western-backed Libyan TNC



2 responses

1 08 2011

NATO bombed the Libyan Broadcasting company (July 31, 2011): This is unbelievable, were is free speech, what is NATO afraid of. I am Canadian and hope our government has not agreed to this terrorist action. If Canada did I apologize and I am sure many of us are sorry.


1 08 2011

Horrible! A crime against humanity to use depleted uranium over a drinking water system! A crime to use DU at all!
DU is a give away item from the (US) Dept. of Energy. Excess waste from nuke plants.


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