Vid: What I Learned About Libya

5 09 2011

Info banned on tv news –


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His speech to the UN ( – banned in US media and on the net)
Perhaps this fraction of the speech will illustrate why it is never reprinted anywhere:

“… Then we would like to know who killed the UN Secretary General Hamashold. Who bombed his aircraft in 1961, the same year in which Lumumba was killed. We want to know who bombed the plane of the UN Secretary General. We want to know who bombed it and who had an interest in that.

Then we come to Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. The UN General Assembly has to open the file of Kennedy’s assassination. We want to know why he was killed. He was killed by someone called Lee Harvey and someone called Jack Rubbi killed Lee Harvey, the assasin of Kennedy.

We want to know why this Jack Rubbi, the Israeli, killed the assassin of Kennedy. And Jack Rubbi himself, the killer of Kennedy’s killer also died in vague circumstances before his trial. We have to return to these files and we have to know. ….”




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