Nigerian Treasury Looters Named by WikiLeaks So Far

15 10 2011

New cables released by WikiLeaks were just published Oct. 12 at NEXT 

ALT. Link:

The NAMES of some big fish – Here’s the backstory 

ALT Link –

 Will the real treasury looters please stand up?

“Former President Obasanjo came to power in 1999 with a tough moral posture to rid Nigeria of corruption, no matter whose ox was gored. In line with that commitment, members of the Abacha family and associates were forced into a deal to cough out billions of dollars, which they and their late father, General Sani Abacha, allegedly stole. In fact, former Information Minister, under Obasanjo, Professor Jerry Gana was regularly briefing the nation about the billions of dollars being “recovered” from the Abachas. The former Obasanjo administration promised to invest these billions into improving the quality of life of Nigerians. We were excited that the messiah had finally come, with the election of a “born-again” puritanical President Obasanjo! We thought the enemy of corruption had finally come to the rescue.” .  . .  (more) 

previously we had an item on WikiLeaks getting the documents. Swiss Banker and whistlebower Rudolph Elmer has an online book out all about the relationship between Julius Bär and the  Standard Bank of Africa –

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9 05 2015

broken links corrected … this info got scrubbed!


9 05 2015

WikeLeaks cable

nuke waste to Nigeria (?) –


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