Fukushima Has Smoke Pouring from the SIDE of Building on LIVE CAM – STILL + UPDATES

20 12 2011


Dec. 22 –

This scenario has repeated each evening with smoke coming from the same window. The ‘work lights’ on the right may be a large bonfire (buring radioactive debris) as there is a stream of smoke going up from it. The nighttime sea mist obscurs those lights into a larger visible area.

It looks like they vent a lot of thick smoke from unit 1 at night to hide it or are burning something inside at night. It has been going on all night 3 nights in a row and maybe longer. During the day there is no fire or smoke/steam from the window which  amkes the event look controlled (man-made).

8 AM – EST  Tuesday


The first building on the left is gushing thick smoke from the side (a window?) on the LIVE CAM.


A new fire?

Here’s a screen grab taken near 10 pm  JST-  [ timestamp at the top] –

— click on image for full size —

screen shot

close up
is it from a window, a vent?

 It looks like it is smoke from UNIT 1 according to this map – 


 Updates coming (see Dec. 22 post about newly active volcanoes)


Radiation SPIKES in the evacustion zone. Animated Map.

Video with text – Cesium Fields, Molten Rods, Nuclear Weapons, Waste Disposal




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20 12 2011

the live cam really looks ‘live’ according to the time stamp…. it doesn’t seem to be a delay or a tape – F.C.

Compare to your local time zone –


3 01 2012
BIG FIRE AT Fukishima – SMOKING HEAVILY NOW « flying cuttlefish picayune

[…] previous screen grab of the smoke […]


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