Satellite View of BP Oil Spill Dispersant Encompassing Gulf of Mexico

25 12 2011

Satellite photo vendors and DARPA tool Digital Globe have a few free items for public view.

One is of the BP oil spill and the toxic dispersant  (evidence hider and lawsuit gunker) seen spreading across the entire Gulf of Mexico.


Giant size JPG here – 



One response

15 02 2012
robert evans

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Americans With Disabilities Act, and prior Supreme Court cases, require that the new fund set up to compensate Plaintiff Steering Committee attorneys, that withholds 6% of settlements, as ordered by Judge Barbier,​OilSpill/OilSpill.htm BE JUSTIFICATION for these atorneys to provide EXTENDED representation and advocacy to disabled claimants! Please bring this to the attention of others


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