They Are Plain INSANE. Japan Nuke Minister Wants to Make Fukushima a “Center for Nuclear Safety”

3 01 2012

From NHK  (who is ignoring massive smoke pouring from Fukushima now)

Japan’s nuclear crisis minister says he wants to make Fukushima Prefecture an international center to promote nuclear safety. . . blah, blah, blah

certifiably insannnnnnnne – F.C.



2 responses

3 01 2012

This looks like they are now finding ways to divert the cost of this mess by having the complex on site for training. It looks like they will try to move costs to other services. I would believe they will put many costs to the flooding that should be on the radiation damages ledger. They are blaming pore training by Japan yet GEH had 70 employing on site and could not stop it. Where was the 12 hr battery backup that all sites should have. When you have no outside power and all generators are out of service, how the hell can you stop the melt down. Did they have 2 generators per reactor or did they skimp and said they could rely on the others because they had 5 generators in total. But if they had 2 generator could they have managed to get one working and if they had 2 generator surly they do not install one beside the other, put them in different area’s but I see they do not from looking at other plants, these are the egg heads we are relying on. They always look at saving dollar$ above safety every time. Someone should be held accountable for these design. But if the water got into the switch gear and controls it would not mater any way, that’s why I do not think they could stop the melt down. Governments, step in and stop this industry while we can still live on this planet, we are now throwing the fuel waste into the oceans.


4 01 2012



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