Captain Cazzo Newest – He Blames Bosses for Costa Concordia Disaster + UPDATES

24 01 2012

Captain Coward BLAMES the BOSSES

The Third Officer Describes Panic on the Bridge – Costa Concordia captain ‘was distracted by guests on bridge’

Captain Coward claims bosses knew about sail-by salutes years before cruise ship tragedy

“There could be a number of unregistered people aboard, illegally” – (like the girlfriends! – F.C.)

His newest explanation

Costa Concordia Mess Widens With Salvage Team, Criminal Probe

Costa’s ‘insulting’ cruise offer to survivors  Will Costa refund airfares for future cruises?

World’s CHEAPEST Cruise Operators Offer NO Future Discounts for Terrorized Survivors of Costa Concordia

Costa Cruises North America said it has not offered future discounts to passengers on board the cruise that ran aground off the coast of a small island near Italy despite ‘unfounded’ news reports indicating that passengers were offered up to 30 percent off future voyages.”

Duh-Oh!   American Express Promotes Trip On Costa Concordia To Florida Residents

Costa Concordia captain not solely to blame: prosecutor

Beniamino Deidda, the chief prosecutor of Tuscany, said in an interview carried by several Italian newspapers on Tuesday: “For the moment, attention is generally concentrated on the responsibility of the captain, who showed himself to be tragically inadequate. But who chooses the captain?

Lots of ART and clips on the Coward Captain:

David Letterman monologue on Captain Coward (English /Italian)


From Ireland comes detailed information about the rush to lifeboats and the problems with launching them – Neale man tells of Italian cruise ship horror

Feb.4 –  Now the unticketed “dancer” admits to being in love with Capt. Cazzo contrary to her earlier statementsMystery blonde in love with Costa Concordia captain  AND she admits she was ON THE BRIDGE(!!)

Feb. 9 –  Captain now vilified in Italy as coward and cheat

Read more:

Feb. 10 –  Finally:  I made a judgement error: Costa captain

Feb. 13 –  Prosecutor to Investigate Costa over Faulty Lifeboats and Incorrect OrdersProsecutor general Deidda reminds public prosecutors that Schettino was appointed by company

” . . .   “The employer is guarantor and has responsibility. Decisions taken by the shipping company should be under close scrutiny”. Officially, Beniamino Deidda denies it but his message looks like an explicit invitation to the magistrate in charge of the case, public prosecutor Francesco Verusio, to formally involve company managers by adding their names to the register of individuals under investigation     . . .  “

Feb. 22 –  ROME – Experts and lawyers representing survivors of the capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship said Saturday that traces of cocaine were found on a sample of the ship captain’s hair.

Feb.27 – Costa Concordia blonde on her relationship with captain

“It is possible, as was widely reported, that 52-year-old Mr Schettino – now known universally as Captain Coward – may have been trying to impress the 25-year-old Moldovan when his ship sailed off course.”

Her interview in The Telegraph – Captain Francesco Schettino flirted with disaster aboard the ill-fated Costa Concordia

It just gets worser and worser…

Mar.3 – Capt. Cazzo forgot his glasses

Mar.6 – Costa Concordia survivors vent fury at Captain Francesco Schettino as key hearing opens

new twist:   Carlo Rienzi, the head of the consumer association Codacons which is suing Costa Crociere and its US parent company Carnival Corporation, said: “We’ve had enough of hearing that Costa did not know anything an hour after the crash.”
“We think this is unacceptable. They’re trying to blame everything on the ‘poor’ captain…. We believe that Costa was perfectly well informed,” he said.

Sept. 4 – Francesco Schettino’s trial begins early in 2013. We’ll add updates on it.

Germany’s Welt Online says he gave an interview and called a victim’s brother. He’s still blaming upper-ups for the drive-by crash. Here’s the English translation –

Nov. 16 – ‘Captain Coward’ Vows to Clear His Name

“. . . . “Everyone has had their say now and as some have distorted the truth, I will speak now,” he said. He told the paper he is writing a book that will correct the image people have of him and “bring to light what people don’t want to have known.”

According to Schettino the book will highlight “un-presented proof, hidden documents, entire recordings which up until now have only been released in part.” In the book he said he will also write about the “shameful titillating gossip” the media focused on and the much-quoted taped conversation in which he was urged to “get back on board, damn it,” by the commander of the Coast Guard.

Schettino faces a possible indictment for multiple manslaughter, abandoning his post before the evacuation of all passengers and crew had been completed, and failing to communicate properly with the maritime authorities. He has insisted in court, during recent pre-trial hearings and again in today’s interview, that he “saved a lot of people” with a last-minute maneuver that lessened the ship’s impact against the rocks. There are “dozens of people who will testify to this,” he is quoted as saying. . . .


July 9 – Captain of wrecked cruise ship on trial in Italy – there is a lawyer’s strike, nothing happened and the next session is July 17th.

July 20 – BREAKING TRIAL NEWS – On Saturday, an Italian court accepted plea bargains for five Costa Crociere employees in the 2012 Costa Concorda shipwreck that killed 32 crew and passengers, convicting all of multiple manslaughter and negligence.

“The ship’s captain, the only remaining defendant, was denied a plea bargain and is being tried separately.”


July 27 – Captain Schettino parties in Ischia as the Costa Concordia makes its final journey

(The Telegraph, UK)  As the stricken Costa Concordia limped its way towards Genoa last week, all of Italy was remembering the 32 people who lost their lives in the cruise ship disaster.

All of Italy, it would seem, except the captain of the ship.

Francesco Schettino, the slick-haired skipper of the doomed vessel, was photographed on Friday jetting around the holiday island of Ischia, accompanied by a gaggle of glamorous women.

As images emerged of Schettino chatting on his mobile phone as he steered a speed boat, local media suggested he was celebrating signing a book deal. . . .


Feb. 12 – Costa Concordia captain Francesco Schettino guilty of manslaughter

” . . .  it is far from certain whether he will actually go to jail before the end of Italy’s long appeals process, which can take years.”



Earlier news on the runaway captain

short link to this page –




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