On Radiation Sickness in Japan

12 02 2012

From Paul Langley’s Nuclear History Blog“The Radiation Mimetic Chemicals and Atomic Radiation”

. . . . .  What is being reported today among the Fukushima affected civilians is none other than the same metabolic syndrome the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki knew as Bura Bura disease, caused by internalization of radioactive substances. It is a disease of cumulative dose accretion caused by chronic internalization of radioactive flecks. In my opinion.

There is something occurring in the radiation affected areas of Japan which is very similar to the environment of cities which have been attacked by atomic bombs. It is unlike the experience of Chernobyl in degree. It is the synergy between radiation and chemicals of a particular class. The class of chemicals involved was, at one point in time, called “the radiomimetic chemicals”. The outcome of the synergy is a much greater impact on the health of the afflicted people than would be the case if one or other agent of harm (radioactive material or radiomimetic chemicals) were absent. . . .


Also worthy is the continuing series on radiation sickness at Radioactive Chat

Fukushima Radiation Sickness Symptoms Public Inability To Fight Illness Part3





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16 05 2012
Reactor casualties 7 – A-Bomb survivor survey 2012 « Paul Langley's Nuclear History Blog

[…] https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/2012/02/12/on-radiation-sickness-in-japan/ http://www.asahi.com/hibakusha/english/hiroshima/h01-00033e.html “Later I suffered from a radiation disorder called “Bura-Bura Disease” and was deprived of my health and hope for the future. You can say that I have been robbed of my whole life. ” […]

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