Weirdie – As Pacific Quake Plate Shudders & Shakes a “Space Event” in New Zealand

2 04 2012

Totally strange –  Event into space in New Zealand on Monday, 02 April, 2012 at 08:37 (08:37 AM) UTC.

A bright and colourful object that flew across the sky tonight, and was spotted by hundreds of people across the country, is thought to be a meteorite. Police and the MetService received dozens of calls this evening about an object described as looking like a “crashing satellite”. Earth and Sky senior observer Matt Hall said it was “most likely” a meteorite which had broken away from a comet or asteroid. “As it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it burns up into smaller pieces. They saw quite a bright light shooting from northeast to east with what looked like bright sparks coming off the back of it.” Meteorites often looked like they were overhead when in fact they were a long way away, he said. Police earlier said the line left in the sky was possibly a contrail, the water vapour that trails a plane’s flight path. Police received more than 20 calls around 7pm from people concerned about what the object is, a communications spokesman said. MetService received numerous calls from residents in the lower North Island and upper South Island. Calls had been mainly from Wellington, Kaikoura and Otaki. Several Wellington Stuff readers said they’d seen it. Some described it as a shooting star which burned yellow and green. One reader described it as a “glowing ball” shooting through the sky at speed. “It left a distinctive vapour trail and it wasn’t in a straight line, it was curved and irregular. It then exploded and the vapour trail ended. I could still see the glowing ball and after a second it exploded again and I could see the vapour trail again.” Others said it moved in a zig-zag pattern rather than a straight line and “popped twice and disappeared”. A Wellington resident said it looked like a “crashing satellite” that “exploded in the sky with a green flash”. tweeted that a “spectacular fireball”, thought to be a meteor, was seen over Wellington and Christchurch.

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Or is is it a weather-messing-around-machine from the US military??  See Glimpses of America’s Man-Made disasters. We have a lot of them going on at once right now. – F.C.

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