On that Brit Killed in Chongqing China – Analysis by Trowbridge H. Ford

13 04 2012

From –

Why British Businessman Neil Heywood Was Murdered

Seems He Plotted Overthrow Of Chinese Government

As usual, the media hasn’t a clue as to why Neil Heywood was killed, apparently by poison, in Chongqing last November.Heywood, a deep MI6 agent, had befriended Chongqing Party Boss Bo Xilai, apparently through the contact he made with his wife, Gu Kallai. They got along well, and soon they started plotting the overthrow of the government in Beijing.

The only trouble was that Chinese intelligence, apparently the best in the world, discovered the plot, making her poison Heywood, and leading to the ouster of her husband.

Now she and a servant have been arrested on suspicion of doing the murder, and it looks like they will be convicted in due course.

Just possible Bo Xilai will be restored to power after the crisis has passed.




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