Radioactive Water Vapor at Fukushima Nuke Plant + UPDATES

2 05 2012

article with VIDEO & PHOTO –  Concern mounts over Fukushima nuclear reactor number four

They quote Fukushima Diary:

Oshidori Mako talked at Osaka Bar Association when she asked Tepco , “We see gas coming out from Fukushima plants at night. It looks like smoke. What is that ? ” Tepco replied it’s water vapor. She asked them again, if it’s radioactive. They answered it is radioactive, and it comes out in day time and night time.

You can see this radioactive  ‘mist’ now (11 a.m. EST) at the LIVE CAM

MORE:  Massive radioactive gas covering Fukushima plants with more PHOTOS etc.

Lucky TEPCO execs! They just all left on vacation!


EXPLOSION – see May 3rd post
Radiation at 88.5   µ Sv/h   at the coast at Fukushima Daiichi – see radiation map [to see the map using IE go to TOOLS and select ‘Compatability Mode’ on your browser].

Radiation Map screengrab May, 3  at 11:10 a.m. EST:          CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL SIZE




That’s 88.5 micro sieverts per hour

(May 3) SAD to report – Fukushima Diary has been hacked today.  Yesterday  they said they were being attacked.  Happy Ending! They are back on the internet this afternoon! Drop them a donation if you can!

 May 3, 6:30 p.m. EST visual update.  Several Fukushima area cameras are here. It is rainy with low cloud cover that you can see from the airport cam:


But at the same time at  Fukushima Daiichi the big steam cloud rises from the usual place. It is not a weather cloud.


This May 1st film shows the radioactive STEAM as it starts up. It comes from the ground (or below) and is not weather-event.

LINK –  (you can see it in larger size)






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