Contest: Your Ideas Wanted for Plastic Bottle Recycling Ideas

11 06 2012

There’s a big forum in Rio coming up where they will address the global problem of all these plastic beverage bottles. They are all in the seas and bopping around streets when they could be collected and recycled. Or just discontinued.

” There is a lot of gold out there that isn’t being put to good use. And by gold, we are referring to the material used to create plastic bottles known as PET. In order to capture this gold and put it to good use, we could use your help in tackling two huge opportunities.

Opportunity #1: We want your help inventing new ways of capturing huge amounts of PET for re-use.

Opportunity #2: We want your help generating new ways of putting all of that captured PET to good use once it’s been captured.” 

If you have ideas there are prizes! The DEADLINE is JUNE 15.


shortlink to this blog page is      shortlink to the CONTEST is

Please pass on!



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