Weirdie: Western Weirdness, “Meteor” stops fire crews, Las Vegas jet suffers mechanical failure

21 06 2012

This doesn’t look entirely believable – supposedly a big meteor grounded the harried fire fighting planes out west (after high winds had already delayed their work) and the same day a Jet Blue flight approaching Las Vegas had multiple screw ups and flew with most hydraulic systems out of commission.

Giant Fire Ball & Meteor Shower Sightings Ground 4 Firefighting Air Tankers!! 6-20-2012 CO USA


Several sightings of objects falling from the sky close to the fire burning west of Colorado Springs

Firefighters TURNED AWAY!

VIDEO:  Meteor May Have Started Latest Blaze in Colorado [Police Audio] – June 21, 2012

Our earlier post about supposed terror-threat of forest arson – Smell a Rat? Homeland Security Warns of Terrorist Wildfire Attacks   Hmmm ….. Homeland “security”, fire, planes grounded … planes grounded over Nebraska when the flood threatened the nuke plant …. maybe someone wants to ground newscrews!

VIDEO – Jet Blue Plane Mechanical Failure Causes Scary Flight in Las Vegas; ‘4 hours of hell’


This video shows what looks live someone setting the Waldo fire using aircraft –
New (Infrared) UFO Footage from Waldo Fire, WTF is it?

(use ‘FULL SCREEN’ as image of strange thing is tiny)

MORE here later . . .                   

      short link here is  –



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