Daily News: Joe Paterno’s legacy at Penn State is tainted as late coach failed to use his power to stop Jerry Sandusky’s crimes

23 06 2012

By Dick Weiss at the NY Daily News

It is difficult to imagine that Paterno, the man who knew everything that happened on the campus, didn’t suspect that something was amiss in his own program.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — No one will ever question the impact the late Penn State coach Joe Paterno had on both the university and college football in general.

But in the wake of the conviction of one of his most trusted longtime assistants, Jerry Sandusky, on 45 of 48 counts of sexually abusing young boys, the library he helped fund and all of his philanthropy must be weighed against the impact he could have made and chose not to in the years leading up to this case.

Paterno, who was a father and grandfather himself, had the power to stop some of Sandusky’s most heinous crimes, which occurred in the Penn State football building, by barring him from campus after a 1998 police report that described an inappropriate incident in a shower and an admission by Sandusky that he had indeed showered with a young boy in the locker room area there.

Instead, Paterno chose to slap Sandusky on the wrist and look the other way, protecting a serial pedophile in order to shield the program’s brand name and keep the money flowing into the athletic coffers. Perhaps he was also thinking of his own iconic status. . . (more)


and this interesting tid-bit on the sidebar of the above article – Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, got a 16-year- old client pregnant




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5 05 2016

Report: Insurer alleges child told Joe Paterno of Jerry Sandusky sex abuse in 1976

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