Fukushima’s Fragile Unit 4 Stops Cooling – Temp. Rising – Yoichi Shimatsu Says Spf 4 is Gone

30 06 2012


No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool’s cooling system stopped after alarm sounds

The cooling system for a spent fuel pool at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant’s No. 4 reactor automatically suspended operation Saturday morning after an alarm issued a warning at around 6:25 a.m., Tokyo Electric Power Co. said. . . . (more)



Temperature of No. 4 pool rising nearly twice as fast as rate reported by Tepco

Yoichi Shimatsu: Official Coverup Obscures the Collapse of Reactor 4

A security camera inside  the Fukushima 1 nuclear plant reveals the final steps in the demolition of a ferroconcrete structure. A mobile crane-mounted plasma torch cuts through the skeletal remnant of a three-story building, methodically cleaving the few remaining support beams, releasing dust clouds of burnt slake lime.

Though the digital mosaic is often blurry, it’s clear that only one side of the structure is left standing, indicating that the three other walls had been either removed earlier at nighttime or collapsed in the Richter 5+ earthquakes that struck northeast Japan between June 17 and June 22.

The obvious conclusion could be drawn from the scene, which still goes unreported by the media, but once again as throughout this crisis I have always wished to be pleasantly wrong rather than painfully correct. In response to my skeptical query, Japanese activists responded: “It was definitely the No 4 reactor. We have not heard anything else about it. It (the demolition) was done on the day when the nation was focused on the government decision to raise the consumer tax.” . . . . (more)


 Fukushima Diary:  Prof. Takeda  estimates the coolant water of SFP4 will reache 100℃ (212°F)  in the evening of 7/5/2012.

July 1 – TEPCO claims they restored cooling

July 4 – We found a good PICTURE of UNIT 4

Handy Fahrenheit/Celsius  temp. convertor



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5 07 2012

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