Resources For Tracking Japan’s Tsunami Debris

30 06 2012

There is a worry over the vast amount of floating debris pulled out to sea by the big tsunami that hit Japan last March. Invasive species are tagging along with it. Some are concerned a lot of it is radioactive, others fear ruin of pristine beaches on Hawaii and other locations and seamen find it is interfering with shipping lanes.

Here are some tools to keep up with the looming problem.

Resources for Tracking the Floating Debris Field

NEW > Japan Tsunami Marine Debris Joint Information Center

Their Guidelines for Tsunami Debris Contamination Assessment

NEW> Alaska made a new website: Tsunami Debris and Other Marine Debris in Alaska

Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife page on [ JapanTsunami] Marine Aquatic Invasive Species

Google Maps, Canada Debris Tracking MAPmore

Tsunami Debris Tracking Project

and their other mapping project using the SCUD model of the surface ocean currents (easy to see)

Radiation modelling maps from ASR has tools for predicting Fukushima related events

– and more

N. Pacific radiation monitoring info

Marine Debris.Info

public listserve for news

The Marine Conservation Alliance Foundation – Tracking debris & organizing clean ups in Alaska

Animated MAP of the Projected Path

IPRC Tsunami Debris News

Map of Marine Debris Tracking Buoys (interactive, check North Pacific) Has Live Data and Satellite view –

Satellite Images – look for yourself
The NOAA Marine Debris Page on it

Marine Debris Tracker smartphone application

NOAA Video of the debris

PHOTOS of the debris at sea


Hawaii – Maui – INDIEGOGO sailing to track the debris

5 Gyres research ship they have an updated BLOG


Resources for people in Oregon who find debris

OREGON – Debris Drop-Off Locations

WASHINGTON – Debris Info, Meetings

Tsunami Debris Clean-up Sign – Available for Adaptation and Use

To VOLUNTEER for beach clean up (US and Canada) info is on our page The Bay


IN ALASKA – if you come across tsunami debris the Alaska Dispatch requests you report it using contact at the bottom of this page.

In WASHINGTON to report debris call 1-855-WACOAST (1-855-922-6278). Details.

USA: Report hazardous material directly to USCG at 1-800-478-5555 or 907-463-2000.

CANADA: Report tsunami debris – “Vessels – or cargo – are to be left alone, but reported immediately”


The Maritime Museum of B.C.’s tsunami collection

shortlink to this page –

  We will update this page often – F.C.



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27 12 2013

I am posting this on my face book page and emailing to others. Thank you for all that you do to help with vital information. Blessings. Michele


27 12 2013

you are very welcome!


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