Fukushima Contaminating the North Pacific – Articles

15 07 2012

Abstracts & Articles on Pacific Radiation Contamination

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Model simulations on the long-term dispersal of 137Cs released into the Pacific Ocean off Fukushima

Baseline is Just One Of The Lies –  THE LIE: “Background Radiation” is High, Therefore More Radiation Doesn’t Matter Much

Pacific Ocean Will Not Dilute Dumped Radioactive Water According to Previously-Secret 1955 Government Reportous levels of Fukushima radiation

US West Coast to receive dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation

Pacific radiation – Fukushima fins spotted on US shores Video

Effects From Radiation From Fukushima Dai-ichi on the U.S. Marine Environment [PDF]

Dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation headed for West Coast, say scientists

Contaminated water with 1 sievert per hour leaked directly into ocean after 3/11

[Not Fukushima related but worthy] On Effects of French Nuke Tests in Pacific –  A Warning that “radioactive material could be released into the Pacific Ocean if the Murorua atoll were to collapse” 

Pacific cod fish shipments 200 miles from Fukushima suspended — “High levels of radioactive caesium found”

Radioactive contamination in Western US and Hawaii a concern

Radioactive release into sea estimated triple

Cs137 in Pacific ocean 500~800km from Fukushima, “10 times higher than norm”

Radioactive water reached 3,200 kilometers (1900 miles)  east of Fukushima six months ago

Comparing Contaminated Zones Around Chernobyl And Fukushima Ocean Radiation Released

More US tuna contaminated

Tepco spokesman admits Fukushima reactors may be continuously leaking into ocean

50 times more of Uranium238 was measured in the air of Hawaii than 2010

Rapidly-spreading disease in Hawaii coral — New strain of cyanobacteria blamed — Fish with lesions, turtles having problems

Professor Michio Kaku: other sea life may be contaminated from Fukushima

Water containing extremely high levels of radiation flowing into sea

[Debris] from Japan could well be radioactive — There’s no monitoring going on


Tepco: We are planning to dump water from Fukushima plant into Pacific Ocean

Study: Fukushima plutonium in Pacific Ocean from ‘liquid direct releases’?

U.S. bluefin tuna still contaminated with Fukushima radiation

Hidden NOAA animation shows ocean all along U.S. West Coast contaminated with Fukushima cesium by end of March 2011 (VIDEO)

TV: Historic number of sea lions washing up in S. California

Fukushima leaking radioactive materials directly into the ocean

Fukushima nuclear pollution becoming more concentrated as it approaches U.S. West Coast

Experts: Fukushima contamination data wrong, may be 1,000% of levels reported by gov’t and Tepco — 60 billion becquerels of strontium and cesium claimed to be flowing to ‘outer ocean’ each day

ENE-News – Sailor: “After we left Japan, it felt as if the ocean itself was dead” — Nothing alive for over 3,000 miles — No longer saw turtles, dolphins, sharks, birds — Saw one whale, it appeared helpless with big tumor on head

Is it safe? Radioactive Japanese wave nears US

Typhoons Contribute To The Spread Of Radioactive Material

  2014 and after

See also ENE-News


We will post related articles here as we find them.  ENE-News has more headlines on this topic . . .  F.C.

Our Fukushima Page has some links for monitoring radiation and radiation maps.

      short link –  http://wp.me/pA5vn-21l 



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