The Statistics They Don’t Want You to Know

2 08 2012

Today in reading just a few articles many had a common thread. There are important statistics that are not kept or ever reported that are of vital interest to everyone.

Two were posted here – on Mortalities from Nuclear Power (secret stats)  and a video that showed the World Health Organization isn’t keeping stats on health effects of Fukushima. Also running today is an important article in The Nation by Stephan Salisbury on the police killings and the resistance to them going on now in Anaheim (Disneyland), California.

The California news showed the murder aftermath and the police abuse of the community on live tv. The news was censored on national ‘news’ outlets and it was reported as a minor police mishap and nutty reaction by drug gangs. They did not report

He [Diaz] was apparently running when he was shot in the back and left to lie on the ground bleeding to death as police moved witnesses away from the scene. “He’s alive, man, call a cop!” a man shouted at the police. “Why would you guys shoot him in the head?” a woman demanded.

“Get back,” officers repeatedly said, pushing mothers and youngsters away from the scene, which they surrounded with yellow crime-scene tape.

Neighborhood residents gathered on lawns along the street, upset at what had happened near their homes, upset at what has been occurring repeatedly in Anaheim. Then, police, seeking to disperse the crowd, began firing what appeared to be rubber bullets and bean-bag rounds directly at those women and children, among others. Screaming chaos ensued. A police dog was unleashed and lunged for a toddler in a stroller. A mother and father, seeking to protect their child, were themselves attacked by the dog.

Salisbury mentions the FBI doesn’t bother to tally police killings nor does anyone else. So police killings – the only cause of the US’ largest riots this half century have no stats.

Millions of infant deaths by nuclear fuel contamination along with millions of miscarriages go unreported to any health bureau. And the impact on public health and most telling – the health of children, infants and pregnent women in Japan is not collected by any Japan government agency or entity.

And the biggest banks in the world have been caught interest-rate-fixing and still have no oversight.

Be sure you can find the box office returns for any Hollywood movie in a flash.

Let’s go to Disneyland!




4 responses

2 08 2012

Many used cell phones to film the police crime.

police shoot rubber bullets, let loose biting dogs on children

Anaheim looks like Gaza

2 08 2012

oh, and the city fathers want to blame the uprising on Occupy Wall Street(!!)

Some great protest PHOTOS –

2 08 2012

US – not a military state:

from –

2 08 2012

Nationwide out of control cops —

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