Worldwide Mortalities from Nuclear Power

2 08 2012

Normal operations of nuclear fuel cycle, 1980 to 2012,synergistically complicit in causing 110 million infant mortalities worldwide and 10 million in India.

The worldwide nuclear capacity grew from 135541 MW in 1980 to 376824 MW in 2011. Assuming a 0.1 % Cs137 inventory leak worldwide, the Cs137 leak increased from 481171 Ci in 1980 to 35905664 Ci in 2011. The Yearly Cumulative Indian Infant Mortality increased from 3295470 in 1980 to 65946980 in 2010. The excess Infant Mortality over that corresponding to the compound interest rate 2001/1980 grew from 0 in 1980 to 502228 in 2010 and cumulative excess from 1980 to 2010 was 9595642. . .  (article + graphs)






One response

2 08 2012

We found this great item posted as a comment to ENE-News.
The readers there are a great info source!

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