Super Thick White Smoke Wafts Over Fukushima Daiichi

10 08 2012

This is not fog. It is entirely opaque white smoke.

From the LIVE CAM – screengrab at 9:30 p.m. EST


UPDATE, Aug. 15

Mystery Solved!

The white smoke is seen tonight [at 8:55 p.m. EST] on the Live Cam coming from a nearby smokestack.


Does the thick white smoke have to do with the cesium absorbing tower??



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11 08 2012
william Place

I have been seeing this, and I have noticed that it is in the air every they have even a small quake in that area! I get quake info from the japan Meteorological Agency Because U.S Quake sites cant seam to notice that any quakes aer going on near these reactors…I guess that should not be a big surprise…after obama and his top sicentist said NO readition would ever get to the west coast…nothing…None…and Not the entire Picific ocean will be readioactive in less then five years and Japan is wanting to still ship glow in the dark fish to other countries.? and readioactive fruit ??.. and whatever else they can get others to Buy… Who rembers when Japan stuffed threr toys with shreaded trash..? or used led bassed paint on kid’s toy’s..and what you dont think they wouldent send out redadition to other countries if people would let them>???look out it is going to get you one way or the other…and No goverment is going to say anything ….I mean they wount even give you any ancers that are real about what is going on right in frount of you now…


11 08 2012

No one wants to mention anything about radiation!

Lots of uncensored news on the topic can be found at

. . . the comments there also have interesting info.


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