Harvard’s Own Sandusky

11 08 2012

Suit Filed Against Harvard for Swim Coach’s Alleged Sexual Abuse in 1970s


Another assistant coach using university facilities to prey on kids. Did the trustees know?

[snip] . . . In the suit, Embry has charged that Harvard University either knew or should have known about Merritt’s actions and is therefore also responsible for the damages caused.

“We have allegations from four people that this guy was teaching them to swim at a Harvard facility even though they weren’t Harvard students during a period of time that was seven years,” Durso said. “He was not taking these kids in there in the middle of night and sneaking in without turning the lights on; he was doing this very openly. So for seven years, he’s got kids who are not students there.

According to comment by Veritas the accused predator committed suicide.

“But it appears Embry initially voiced his accusations against Merritt without knowing that the coach had been accused by another man of similar crimes *or* that Merritt committed suicide shortly afterward. “



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