Google Blocks Dangerous Louisiana Sinkhole News

14 08 2012

The huge sinkhole threatens a giant cavern filled with butane and others with rad waste.

According to Google News no story has been written on it since this August 12th item-

Sinkhole: H-Bomb explosion equivalent in Bayou Corne possible

Louisiana State of Emergency: Oil and gas sinkhole disaster area risks and rights violations escalating

There are lots of big stories coming out of the local tv news and newspapers. Google “News” is just censoring them.  And when you search the term “sinkhole” without specifics it turns up a bunch of non-Louisiana stories.

Just an H-bomb. Nothin’ to look at here, folks. Move along. – F.C.

See also Helen Caldicott and Kate Orff Talk About Nexus of Harm From Petrochemical America,

our earlier post with news on the sinkhole



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15 08 2012
Google Blocks Dangerous Louisiana Sinkhole News « flying … |

[…] More: Google Blocks Dangerous Louisiana Sinkhole News « flying … […]


15 08 2012

FOR UPDATES on the sinkhole – check with ENE-News (US/Canada section)

They are doing a good job and the story is rapidly changing.
Local tv news there has good video of the mess and ENE posts it.


19 08 2012

Your Google must be broken. It’s working fine for me.


19 08 2012

Thanks for the info! It was down all day when it was new + all other vids mentioning the sinkhole.


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