Natural Gas Pipeline Emergency Backup System Affected by Louisiana Sinkhole

17 08 2012

Chevron Corp’s subsidiary Bridgeline Holdings uses those salt domes in Napoleonville, LA that have the expanding sinkhole.

According to their website As owner and operator of three natural gas salt dome storage caverns in S. Louisiana, all integrated into its pipeline facilities, Bridgeline offers unsurpassed gas storage capacity, service and interconnections. Substantially increasing the range of services available, these storage caverns feature the operational flexibility to meet almost any gas supply need – including pipeline balancing, emergency backup, no-notice service, needle and seasonal peaking, winter/summer price hedging and storage spread hedging.”

So if the salt domes are all shot to hell and are too dangerous even to row a boat up to . . . what happens if a big natural gas pipeline elsewhere needs the pipeline balancing or emergency backup that Bridgeline Holdings was able to offer before the sinkhole?

Does some other company somewhere else pick up the slack?

What about seasonal peaking, or a cold snap or anything that causes a winter demand for natural gas?

When they remove the natural gas from Napoleonville where are they sending it? To Texas? Texas is also getting sinkholes.

Is the big yawn from the US business press on this topic normal?

Just askin’.

NOTE: Further news will get posted here:

news about that sinkhole




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26 08 2012

The website for Bridgeline Holdings (Notices) is

26 08 2012

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