19 08 2012

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WISE Up Action - A Solidarity Network for Manning and Assange

6 July 2012

Since April 2010, WikiLeaks have released The Collateral Murder video, The Afghan War Diaries, The Iraq War Logs, The Guantanamo Files and Cablegate. The information in these leaks have showed us the reality of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (murder/torture/destruction) and also the true nature of our governments and the dirty deals they make.

On 30 May 2012, Julian Assange lost his appeal against extradition to Sweden despite not having been charged with any offence. Within two days US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Sweden in a highly unusual move that was not announced until the date of the extradition ruling was known a week before. What was she discussing? US politicians have been calling for the assassination/execution of Julian Assange.

On Tuesday 19 June, Julian Assange walked into the Ecuadorian Embassy to seek political asylum. Assange believes that if he were to comply with…

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