Los Alomos wants to get rid of plutonium by shipping it to the southeast.

22 08 2012

They want to rebrand it as MOX fuel(!) in Tennessee and N. Carolina.

“The current plan has no firm commitment for an end user after a commercial partner backed out, although weapons officials express optimism about preliminary talks with nuclear power officials at the Tennessee Valley Authority. Critics say the MOX approach adds to the time the plutonium would be vulnerable and at risk for falling into the wrong hands.

The plutonium disposition process was expected to be centralized at Savannah River in North Carolina. But when cost overruns and budget priorities pressured the National Nuclear Security Administration to abandon plans for a central disassembly and conversion facility at Savanna River, the agency decided to investigate distributing that first phase of the work to several different locations, including the Plutonium Facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory. There, the plutonium oxide feedstock for producing MOX can be produced by the lab’s Advanced Recovery and Integrated Extraction System.”






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