Republican Convention About to Start – Begin Police Provocateur Watch

22 08 2012

Let’s hope the secret police just stick to the usual provocations and don’t fall to the Nixon era low of faking mass murder plans at the Tampa convention next week.

How it works

The old hat scenario is always the same. Police/FBI or pulled-out-of-jail informant plants pipe (pipe-bomb material) or black power type of substance or other threatening “evidence” in/near protest communal space or office. Police/FBI “find” it. Then they use the “evidence” as an excuse to move planned protests another mile or so away from the agreed on route and begin draconian search measures and street closings etc., etc..  When the sham is exposed later by lawsuit, investigation, photos and court trails of arrestees the “press” ignores it entirely. And they forget about it the next time a pre-event “terror plot” is trotted out by the police/FBI/DHS.

It looks like they are starting early this time.

For a few examples of clumsy free-assembly-inhibiting police techniques see:

[2006 DNC] FBI confidential informant also said to be provocateur

[2003 FTAA] Police provocateur photo &  Agent provocateur at Miami FTAA protest

[2008 RNC ] Brandon Darby, the ‘Unnamed’ Informant/ Provocateur in the “Texas 2”




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23 08 2012
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[…] Republican Convention About to Start – Begin Police Provocateur Watch […]

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