Remembering Katrina – on TV then but erased

29 08 2012

This NBC report is from a search request. The same request yeilds zero on YouTube.

Horrible scenes at New Orleans airport

In triage center, baggage conveyor used for grim task of moving bodies

Video report –

[snip] . . . . There are just so many patients and so few people to help. I would estimate that there are at least 1,000 patients who have been brought in here.

The airport, meantime, has been converted into a triage center. There are so many bodies that medical staff are using the baggage conveyor to carry the stretchers.

The Superdome concentration camp, the bodies of the neglected shoved aside in wheelchairs there, the goon squad soldiers threatening flood victims with assault rifles, the trash bags on the bus seats, the thirsty, the abandoned on roof tops, the horror of the non-rescue.

It is not even referred to in hurricane reports today from the same place.

Mission accomplished, Georgie.




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