Unsecured Radioactive Waste Falls into Truck Cab When Driver Hits Brakes

2 10 2012

Lincoln, Neb. –
Midday crash [radioactive accident] closes part of Nebraska 2

A stretch of Nebraska 2 in east Lincoln was closed to traffic for several hours Saturday after a container of radioactive waste slid into the sleeper cab of a flatbed trailer that was hauling it. . . .

Low-Level nuclear waste incident in Lincoln

. . . . So we [tepidly] asked the question, what exactly is low-level Nuclear waste? Here’s how the U.S. Nuclear regulatory commission defines it.  Items that have been contaminated with radioactive material or that have been exposed to radiation. These items usually include shoe covers and clothing, rags, equipment and syringes. The radioactivity of the items ranges from levels found in nature, to sometimes, highly radioactive. . . . .

Neb. Highway Closed When Radioactive Load Shifts

. . .  The truck was heading eastbound Saturday morning when the driver made a sudden stop, causing the truck’s nearly 9-ton load of low [sometimes, highly radioactive] -level radioactive waste to slide forward into the truck’s cab. . . .

Notice on all nuke accidents lately they use the phrase “levels found in nature” in talking about nuke waste? Like an atom bomb found in nature, no different than a pine-cone or an acorn!




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