Peeking into Fukushima’s Reactors

11 10 2012

A proposal to utilize an advanced theory to see inside the wrecked nuke plant:

Cosmic Ray Radiography of the Damaged Cores of the Fukushima Reactors

Konstantin Borozdin, Steven Greene, Zarija Lukić, Edward Milner, Haruo Miyadera, Christopher Morris, and John Perry

Workers at Fukushima Daiichi power plant have come up with creative ideas to assess the conditions of the reactors damaged in the 2011 nuclear accident, sending balloons and robots to explore the highly radioactive environment. Yet the presence of debris, obstructions, and vapors has limited the effectiveness of such explorations. Writing in Physical Review Letters, Konstantin Borozdin at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, and colleagues propose an alternative method that uses cosmic-ray muons, a part of natural background radiation, to obtain a radiographic image of the reactor cores. . . .

– at this point, it looks like they don’t want to know what’s there! – F.C.




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