Fukushima: ONLY 9 feet of water at bottom of containment vessel (!!!)

13 10 2012

From Enformable

TEPCO finds only 9 feet of water at bottom of containment vessel

[snip] . . . Tokyo Electric Power Company says its latest endoscopic probe gave evidence that the depth water level in the reactor’s containment vessel may be around  2.8 meters (8 ½ feet) .  TEPCO says it detected lethal levels of radiation, some over 11 sieverts per hour in some parts of the containment vessel, which is high enough to kill in 40 minutes of exposure. . . .  (story & video)


Actually, LESS THAN 9 feet of water . . . .

AND – –

TEPCO is still unable to locate the melted nuclear fuel which escaped the reactor pressure vessel,

admitted TEPCO Spokesman Masayuki Ono, adding that the investigation may not be able to reach an immediate answer, but stressed that TEPCO doesn’t expect to change its plan for decommissioning the reactor.




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