15 10 2012


Very scary video . . . U of California must be run by warlocks!

Originally posted on The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle:

This is additional material to an item from our parent blog –BP’s synthetic lifeform let loose in the Gulf

With little oversight, BP, Chevron, ADM, and Cargill cook up next-gen biofuels

By Hope Shand

Synthetic biologists, a brave new breed of science entrepreneurs who engineer life-forms from scratch, are holding their largest-ever global gathering in Hong Kong this week, known as “Synthetic Biology 4.0.” . . .


LINK – http://youtu.be/lJU9YiRkd4g

The First Synthetic Life Form Ever: Synthia

Exxon’s $600 million Synthetic Genomics project

Hope this is unrelated . . . Mycoplasmas – Stealth Pathogens , Complete Chemical Synthesis, Assembly, and Cloning of a Mycoplasma genitalium Genome  (whyyyy???)

Double-Hope this is unrelated . . . (yukkk!!!!)Giant eyeball washed up on Florida beach belonged to a swordfish, wildlife experts claim (but they’re STILL not 100% sure)

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