NW Louisiana Fireball, Booming from Overhead Airburst???

17 10 2012

A very fishy story!!!

MORE – nuke waste nearby http://wp.me/p2GNDM-wW

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

We put up a lot of updates to the strange loud boom story from yesterday (including info that there’s a NUKE WASTE DUMP there … in a SALT DOME(!!!) –

Northwest Louisiana Reporting Loud Boom, Shaking

– – – and find the conclusions about destroying some munitions to be very suspect. This deserves wide attention:

Update! Meteor impacts Louisiana, explosion causes damage to nearby buildings, cover-up swings into operation

[snip] . . . . Just last week a massive explosion caused a mushroom cloud in southern Russia. It was blamed on an accident, “probably caused by a lit cigarette” (yeah right!), as some 4,000 tonnes of soon-to-be decommissioned munitions were supposedly being unloaded from a train at a remote military base. Injuries were initially reported but then this was retracted, leaving no on-site injuries where surely there should have been at least a few, especially given that windows were shattered…

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