UK – Former top star said to have 100s of potential victims, “just the tip of the iceberg” — Ties to royal family, friend of prime minister – UPDATED

21 10 2012

Credible evidence is emerging that former BBC colleagues of Jimmy Savile knew of claims that he was a serial abuser of young boys [young girls as well, see video below] at many locations, including on the [BBC] corporation’s premises.

Investigative TV Documentary (British) – YouTube Video link:

BBC insiders knew that Jimmy Savile was a serial abuser of young boys, says lawyer

” . . . .  A lawyer who specialises in sexual abuse cases is taking evidence from 12 people, both men and women, who claim to have been abused by the presenter. Alan Collins, of Pannone solicitors, said he had spoken to several former colleagues of Savile, who said it was apparently well known within the BBC that the TV presenter was “interested” in young boys.


Jimmy Savile scandal: BBC is accused of protecting other stars

” . .  . BBC bosses face accusations from senior journalists that there was a smear campaign against the victims who had come forward with accounts of Jimmy Savile’s predatory sexual behaviour. The corporation is bracing itself for Monday night’s Panorama, looking into why the BBC shelved an exposé of Savile’s prolific sexual offending then within weeks aired a glowing tribute(!!!) to the dead star.”

Here’s the royal family part:

VIDEO – Sir Jimmy “The Royal Pimp Fixer” For Queen Bess’s Court & the BBC

UPDATE, Oct. 22

The Daily Mail –  Leaked Newsnight emails accuse BBC of issuing misleading statements over cancelled Savile exposé

Panorama probes BBC Saville decision

“The BBC will broadcast a Panorama special examining Newsnight’s decision to drop an investigation into Jimmy Savile’s abuse of children.
The programme – which as yet does not have a confirmed time slot in the listings but is expected to be aired on Monday – will see one BBC flagship pore over the apparent failings of another as the corporation aims to answer questions of editorial integrity.
The Panorama special, which was still being made this weekend, could result in more difficult questions for Director General George Entwistle when he appears the next morning at the Commons select committee for Culture, Media and Sport.

Brian Gerrish: “The real issue is who was Jimmy Savile providing children for?” < [Video, 23 min. in]

Long version:

This makes us want to revisit the issue of children missing from Florida’s foster care system … or Son of Sam and the Old Croton Aquaduct etc.




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21 10 2012

he apparently furnished his house with a little girl’s bed …

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