BBC Passes the Trash to NY Times

25 10 2012

Grey Lady about to accept slimy friend-of-Saville as CEO (!!)

The Daily Mail: ‘How likely is it that he knew nothing?’: New York Times reader’s editor publicly asks if ex-BBC boss Mark Thompson is a suitable man to be her CEO

A senior executive at the New York Times has broken ranks to suggest former BBC chief Mark Thompson is not fit to be her new boss in the wake of a paedophile scandal which has rocked the corporation to its core.

In an extraordinary intervention, Margaret Sullivan questioned the integrity and ability of the man who was director general when a report that would have exposed Jimmy Savile as a predator who targeted young, vulnerable girls, was axed.

Writing in a blog post yesterday, the public editor, who works on behalf of readers and writes about the newspaper itself said: ‘How likely is it that [Thompson] knew nothing?’

NYT Public Editor’s blog (surely getting highest traffic EVER!)

UPDATE, Nov. 16 –  Jimmy Savile Scandal: Net Tightens On New York Times CEO Mark Thompson




3 responses

18 11 2012
Frank Jackson (@FrankJa37878421)

Details of the St John ambulance paedophiles and their paedophile protection network which stretches all the way to London, are here:

18 11 2012

Thanks. I think Penn State cover-up was to protect more abusers … not to protect the football program. And judge who gave minimum sentance to Sandusky smack of a paedo-culture that is looming large in the power structure of Pa. and beyond.

21 11 2012

I added your thought to a larger post on the topic . . .
Thanks again for the info!

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