Large Shallow Quakes LEAPING Up the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, M4.6 – 5+ . . . Updated

6 02 2013

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July 2 UPDATE! 8 Quakes Leaping Down the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

June 17 UPDATE! Large Quakes Again in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

May 24 UPDATE!  7 Large Quakes Rock the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Feb. 20 UPDATE!  A 5.0 Quake in French Guiana on the Mid Atlantic Ridge  Feb. 18 UPDATE! 4.65.6 Quakes  off Brazil on the  Mid Atlantic Ridge Feb. 16 UPDATE! A 5.2 Quake off Brazil on the Mid Atlantic Ridge Feb. 15 UPDATE! A 4.7 Quake North on the Reykjanes Ridge, north  of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge but they join. By Greenland. Feb. 10 UPDATE! A 4.9 Quake off Brazil on the Mid Atlantic Ridge  AND to the left … a 3.9 hits Jamaica and

TWIN Quakes off the coast Venezuela:   5.0  & 5.4

Feb. 7 UPDATE!  A 4.5 Quake just now on the north half of the Mid Atlantic Ridge!

these are on the map below –

Feb. 6 UPDATE –  A Big One, M5,  just now on the north half of the Mid Atlantic Ridge! 4.9 shallow quake Jan. 30 4.8 shallow quake Jan. 31 4.6 shallow quake Feb. 4  

ALL are extremely SHALLOW, 10 km deep.  Same depth, all.

Map cropped  from USGS map – mid_atlantic The 5.0 Feb. 5 quake at the bottom was 48 kn deep. Details. South West of this (below Greenland) there were 2 big, twin earthquakes on Feb. 5th – M4.9 & 4.6. Area Map. Both logged at 4:38 p.m. — same time. UPDATE,  8 p.m. [EST]mid_atlantic2You may find any more updates on this topic here. Sept. 5 UPDATE A 6.0 quake on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge off Brazil

short link to this page  –




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6 02 2013

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18 02 2013

If one’s computer or phone can handle to large amount of data, I recommend adjusting all the settings at the USGS real time EQ map site to the “30 day/All” setting and change the amount of EQs to be reported from “300” to “All”. very clear patterns emerge.

5 09 2013

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A 6.0 quake last night on this spot . . .

17 02 2015

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