Meteor over San Fransico (NBC) – Part of Reagan’s STAR WARS??

16 02 2013

ENE-News –  NBC: Meteor fireball reported over San Francisco Bay Area — Clearly visible on Doppler radar (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

Recall US president Ronald Reagan extolled (illegal) space war technology in his famous Star Wars speech.

At the time the US has an enormous surplus under the Clinton administration. Then it looks like all the surplus went down a rabbit hole. Did it go into black ops, NRO space war projects and the propaganda programs to promote them? =POOF!= Surplus gone.

Think of the flu warnings/scare put forward  by big pharma investors and x-presidents. They tout worldwide ‘flu vulnerability’ and along comes bird ‘flu’ then H1N1 (that first appeared at a Latin American conference Obama and Chavez attended) and other mega-flus a year or two after that. And a pre-packaged “solution” is offered that happens to greatly enrich those calling the alarm 1-2 years in advance.

This is playing out in the same way with meteor  ‘invasion’.

A year or two ahead some big think tank and war-profiteer science geeks claim the world is suddenly at risk from in-coming meteors or asteroids. They do not disclose for decades the US has secretly launched innumerable (illegal) space weapons to orbit Earth or go into deep space.  They have an unlimited black budget to do what they want.

Oh, wow — suddenly — a very unlikely, space attack. Meteors! Asteroids! Gee … we need to SPEND MORE MONEY ON SPACE to fix it!

See – Glimpses of America’s Man-Made Disasters for details.




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16 02 2013

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16 02 2013


16 02 2013

very good!


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