A Disturbance in the Force – Blog & Social Media Meddling on Upswing Suddenly

29 04 2013
  • Item – Dutchsinse who blogs about weather tampering, HAARP etc. has his blog screwed with on FaceB00k and says he is branded “unsafe” by them. Comments are now missing on recent posts on his blog.
  • Item – Comments are being waylaid, delayed, re-routed as spam on WordPress blog The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle all week.
  • Item – You Tube has increased their crackdown on important search topics and is hiding pertinent videos from their searches.
  • Item – You Tube changed their standing protocol of putting related videos on the sidebar of the video a viewer looks up.

Most of this diversion of information began around the psy-op in Boston last week. Cryptome has more info on intel agencies spying on social media.

LINK –  http://youtu.be/XZ75zejmzyI

Faceb00k crackdown – from RedditFacebook is censoring “religious humor”, which means anything mocking religion will result in a ban placed on your account. This is wrong on ALL levels.

UPDATE, May 27

A Disturbance in the Force 0.2



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29 04 2013

Reblogged this on The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle and commented:

we are all getting messed with!


29 04 2013
comments of we the people

Cuttle see my comment on LASinkhole plus …Do you follow Cliff High on Half Past Human… listen to his WUJO reports? Listen to the one dated April 20 where he speaks of Coastal Events. Clif, a linguistic brainiac who wrote a program that sends web bots into the “future space” to predict what is/could happen. Thus far, his program identified 9/11 BP Gulf Blue Flu and many others. You may already know of him, but listening to his latest report, could sinkhole be one of the coastal events…not to mention El Hierro on the Canary Islands…oh well something more to speculate on. Thanks or all the work you do.


29 04 2013

Thanks for info. Yes, some readers here have sent news items about coastal/fissure idea of Lake FUBAR.
You can find some of in on ‘ideas about the sinkhole’ way down on the right sidebar above the ‘duck, duck go’ logo.


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